90 day challenge to commenting mastery

If you value blog comments and realise how important they are to your blog...

Take this 90 day challenge as it will tell you how to overcome barriers in commenting and reveals the trade secrets in how comments can  get you more readers and traffic.

Are you looking for someone to explain about blogging and how to do it simply and easily?

Can you relate yourself to any of these below?

Navy teacup

Midlife bloggers

Slightly older bloggers who need the digital world explained in the kind of words they can relate to

Navy code cloud

Non-techie bloggers

Bloggers who can't cope with code or anything digital and need extra help in understanding their blog

Navy snail

Slower-paced bloggers

Bloggers who need to learn at a pace that suits them, with plenty of opportunity to go back and check

Navy worried

Nervous bloggers

Bloggers who need lots of reassurance of each step taken with everything explained

Alice is one of those rare people who can explain a paragraph of complex technical data in one brief English sentence.  She has put together Slideshares of simple instructions which even I can understand.  I am also grateful to Alice for always getting back to me with answers to my many questions about WordPress and she is happy to write new solutions based on those queries.  A really friendly and most generous 'techie'!

Jo Sandelson

This is what I can offer you:

navy blog review

Complimentary review

In your blog review you'll find out the good, the bad and the indifferent elements of your blog

navy blog consultation

Blogging consultation

This will extend your review by looking at what is working and what needs improvement

navy blog training

Blogging training

A chance to properly understand your blog, plus you'll learn tips and tricks that will save you time

Navy blog design

Blog/website design

Get a blog that is not only looks good, but performs well to win business and more readers

Alice has a practical attitude to blogging which is refreshingly free of techno speak.  Her motivational approach comes from a deep understanding of why blogging is important, as well as her design experience.  Plus she has the great virtue of being patient and friendly as well.

Jean Wolfe
Alice Elliott

Hi, I'm Alice Elliott, and I specialise in helping people understand about blogs and blogging.

Blogging is my passion, but it hasn't always been easy for me. When I started blogging over a decade ago, there wasn't much help around for bloggers who were non-technical, so I had to teach myself.

And one thing I noticed is that technically-minded people don't know how to teach real beginners. They make a lot of assumptions of what is already known, they miss out chunks as they don't consider it important to show every tiny step, or their videos are at breakneck speed with very little explanation.

So I set up Fairy Blog Mother® to explain blogging in a simple and easy way. The difference is that I go back to Level 0, the real beginning. To me it's vital to properly understand the basics of blogging, as this will help you with any mistakes you come across as you progress through your blogging journey.

If you're thinking of taking the plunge with blogging and/or WordPress, Alice is brilliant at demystifying the concept, understanding your needs and holding your hand through the process with lots of cheerful aftercare.

Alice Prier

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