How to become a more social blogger

A guest post by Beverly Lizotte. Stand up and be heard! That is what we naturally say when we are trying to draw attention something. In this age of blogging and social media, you need to become more of a social blogger as trying to rise above the competition is really tough. How many ardent thoughts or […]

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Expert proof why failing to focus on blog commenting can be detrimental to getting readers and traffic

In spite of contrary belief, many eminent bloggers do advocate blog commenting. Some may have closed their comment boxes in the past. And some even opened them up again (having realised this wasn’t a good idea). But generally they recognise the value of blog commenting, and have written about it. Here’s a selection of what they have had to say: […]

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5 ways how to deal with persistent spammers

I’ve been plagued by a bunch of persistent spammers recently. They have been busy this morning as I found I’ve had another ‘attack’. One way to recognise spam, as well as the fact that there are a lot of comments from the same person, is that they don’t say anything. One liners with no punctuation or grammar […]

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