Evidence that WordPress stats don’t show everything

Here’s a dilemma. I get notifications by email whenever a blogger ‘likes’ my post in WordPress.com, which is very nice and gratifying and makes you feel worth while.

Here’s my stats for a blog I wrote earlier today (note its title at the top and its date at the bottom):

Evidence of bloggers that like my posts

And you can see I have had six nice bloggers give me a ‘like’. But when I go into the WordPress stats for that blog, there seems to be no evidence of these bloggers visiting.

WordPress stats

These stats register that I have had seven visits for 22 January, yet none of them are for the post in question (note my post’s title in the top image).

This therefore shows that whatever statistics you get from WordPress you must take with a pinch of salt, as you are definitely not getting the whole story.

So don’t bemoan that nobody is visiting your blog, they probably are in droves, it’s just that WordPress has failed to pick them up and acknowledge them!

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