Grab my sidebar badge now!

I’m so excited! I’ve just created a sidebar badge for you!

If you like this and want to include it in your sidebar, find the code under this example:

I've been helped by the Fairy Blog Mother

(You can increase the code area by grabbing and pulling down the bottom right hand corner.)

Then you need highlight and copy the code, go to Appearance > Widgets, drag a text widget into an appropriate place in your sidebar (near the top would be great!), and when it has opened, paste in the code and save it.

Now go back to your blog and check your sidebar and your new widget will look like the badge above! Enjoy!

And why not tell all your friends and colleagues about your new blog widget badge and where you got it from!

And if you want to create your own sidebar widget badge, I learned how from this post – except that I used Photoshop and this blog’s server instead.


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