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Talking about bloggingIt’s always gratifying when someone emails me to say ‘I’ve started a blog, will you take a look?’

This is a good thing on many levels. All the noise I have been making about blogs hasn’t fallen on stony ground, people are taking in all the reasons I’ve been saying about having a blog, and some have taken the plunge and started a blog by themselves, proudly telling me when to read their first post.

It’s almost like waiting for your eggs to hatch and watching with delight all the little chicks emerge and run about. Soon they will learn how to fend for themselves and grow into fully fledged bloggers.

And I’m always there should they need any help, require advice on how to progress further and request expert assistance to improve their blogs. Having a successful blog doesn’t stop with its creation, it’s an ongoing process (like bringing up children) and it needs to be nurtured and encouraged so that it transforms and flourishes into something bigger and better.

Maybe my idea of a blogging surgery will fulfill that purpose. Often my altruistic tendencies get the better of me, as I’m more than likely to give away advice if it means the concept of blogging and what it can do is spread further afield. Sometimes I need to rein in and take stock, something I have been doing recently, as in the past I would have fretted that so-and-so’s new blog didn’t include that particular element, or that person’s blog is missing a trick that he ought to know.

Nowadays I come across blogs and think ‘How did he do that?’ and that puts me on track to find out. Blogging platforms are forever evolving, improving and moving forward, meaning the fairy blog mother needs to gather up her skirts, unfurl her wings and keep abreast of what is going on. Only then can I pass on what I have learned to make bloggers and their blogs the best methods of online communication there is.

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Alice Elliott and her award winning Fairy Blog Mother blog provide simple, jargon-free, highly visual, level-focused WordPress training for beginner and post-beginner bloggers. She specialises in before-and-after screen-shot e-courses that make no assumption of prior knowledge, constructively beginning at Blogging Level 0 to ensure a good foundational training. She is well known for her ability to “explain things really simply”, relating her teaching to each learner according to their lifestyle and ability.
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