Website design isn’t the be-all-and-end-all, but sometimes it helps!

I’ve been extremely busy last week designing another WordPress website for a client. Most of my busy-ness was dealing with a hosting package that wasn’t compatible with WordPress (or didn’t have the on-click-install feature available), see my previous post, but after I eventually nailed it everything was pretty easy (in comparison).

Anyhow, this is how it looks after the first stage (this is a website that is going to evolve over time, which is pretty exciting):

Windsor Emporium Website

Now I said that website design may not be as important as you think, because it is the practicality, user experience, psychological persuasion and functionality of a website that really should matter more, but in this case I think design plays a valid part!

Since this is a business that is based on design, so their website should reflect this. It needs to be attractive, exciting, attention-drawing and relevant to the main subject-matter. It needs to be fun too, as that is the nature of the Windsor Emporium.

And I also believe in simplicity that can be worked with and allowed to develop over time as the business itself expands and evolves. There are many more features that can be added to this website, and they all need to be done sensitively and in keeping with the business and what it represents.

Meanwhile we would value your comments and feedback, which would help us with our journey forward.

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2 Responses to Website design isn’t the be-all-and-end-all, but sometimes it helps!

  1. Alice Prier says:

    Looking good Alice. It looks fresh and charming. I would certainly want to pop in for a look. I like the combination of the photos and the drawings.

  2. Thanks Alice, the idea is that it should look like a fun place to visit.

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