A successful blog with just one post?

I have just come across the strangest blog. It has just one post, written a month ago, which has 104 likes and 44 comments. It is based on a narrow niche that is quite difficult to understand, and this one post contains 7 categories and 12 tags.

So how did it manage to get such a following? Glossing over the comments it looks like this blogger has been searching lots of other blogs and following them. The grateful recipients have come back to show their thanks, with a of the few visitors giving positive encouragement. This is, in fact, quite empty and transparent, and I wonder if this really can be classed as a successful blog.

If this was an experiment to see if lots of followers could be amassed by following other blogs, then it certainly has worked. People are flattered by attention, and will more then likely reciprocate, especially if they see lots of others have done so. But wouldn’t it be much more effective if this blog contained lots of posts, regularly produced and full of scintillating information that is beneficial to its readers, therefore resulting in more of a worthwhile pursuit?

Trying to be clever to beat the system or dupe the blogosphere is not impressive. It goes against the grain of blogging. This feat would have had a much bigger effect on me if it was a truly successful blog, with real, plentiful content and a valid audience expressing their admiration, not just a ‘Fabergé egg’ that looks pretty on the outside but contains nothing within.

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Charlotte - 22 January 2013

As always you have such important stuff to say on your blog and this is no exception. Great way to remind us to keep up the good and interesting content and build our list. I have learnt so much from you. Keep up the good work

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