About Fairy Blog Mother®

Welcome to the Fairy Blog Mother® blog

This blog was originally set up by Alice Elliott, an award winning blogger, digital marketer and ex-graphic designer, who was passionate about blogs and the benefits they can bring to businesses, individuals and more.

The Fairy Blog Mother® blog was first created in 2008 when blogging wasn’t so universally understood or easily implemented. The idea at the time was to help people to understand about blogging better, by explaining it to them using ordinary, everyday language.

In fact there was one testimonial which said The Fairy Blog Mother® was able to “explain things really simply”, which says it all. The aim was to outdo all the usual techie and geeky types who created tutorials packed full of jargon or videos at breakneck speed usually with no dialogue.

Whereas this blog was created by a “front end user” who experienced the trials and tribulations of blogging before the newly-found sharing simple solutions to its readership.

But the world moves on…

Of course it does. If technology hasn’t changed within a week, then there’s something wrong with it!

Blogging has transformed itself since 2008. There is no need for the Fairy Blog Mother® any more. Plenty of people are now adopting the explanatory methods used in the earlier posts, so there is nothing original or outstanding to say.

Also today’s population are much more technically minded, especially the younger set. And there are plenty of blogging platforms to explore, all with their specific needs for the blogger which suits them. Many are free to set something before moving your established blog onto the paid-for versions.

Sure, there are plenty of ‘older’ people who want to start a blog, but can’t cope with furiously fast technology. So the Fairy Blog Mother® will always gladly help them if she can. The Contact link in the navigation is available for any questions from those who have read this far.

So now it’s a guest posting blog…

Yes. Alice Elliott has moved onto pastures new, and lends this blog to any guest blogger who writes well and has plenty to say about blogging and digital marketing. But they have to conform to Alice’s strict rules and regulations, by the way, she won’t allow any old riff-raff to post in this blog!

If you want to submit a successful guest posting pitch (which invariably about 90% of guest bloggers are incapable of), take a look at the guest post pitching challenge at the bottom of the front page. Alice will know if you have done this, and will be certainly more favourable towards you whenever you pitch to her!