6 effective web design tips to boost affiliate sales for your blog

boost affiliate sales web design

A guest post by Usman Khanzada. 

You may have began your blog out of pure passion or for solely business purposes. But there will come a moment when you will want to monetise it. While there are various methods to earn money from your website (including adverts, sponsorships and brand deals), many blogs prefer to consider affiliate sales.

However, generating consistent revenue from affiliate links is more than simply inserting them into your content and hoping for the best. You want to get clicks as well.

Here we’ll look at six ways design can help you increase affiliate sales on your blog.

1. Provide accurate and valuable information

Technically this isn’t a design-related recommendation, but without it other tips will be worthless and ineffective when implemented. And this is the only non-design tip we’ll include.

The internet is already littered with garbage. Items which give no genuine information and merely serve to take up space. These kinds of posts may have served a function in the past, but search engine algorithms now know better. They have become more capable of understanding a post’s purpose and written style. This means value and quality are ultimately eclipsing twisted and hollow writing.

A blog article containing beneficial and easily implementable knowledge slays two birds with one stone. It encourages people to return, and it increases the value of your blog (and potentially rankings and traffic). Furthermore, you’re more likely to make affiliate sales with well-written content than a poorly written piece.

2. Use images to highlight your story

The first design element we’ll look at is likely the most obvious: photos.

Every post about publishing blogs to generate money will advise you to use quality photos. They break up the monotony of black text on a white background and help you express your point more effectively.

When attempting to increase affiliate sales, make sure your photos suit this precise purpose. They should highlight every product (whether in a list or a review) to assist someone in visualising a specific solution.

3. Make affiliate sales more personal

Photos should do more than merely represent a product and fill in some blank space.

Since humans are visual beings, they respond more immediately and profoundly to visuals than words. Many visitors may not even read what you’ve written. They may simply skim through a post, missing all of your humorous puns and smart word games.

Using your own photographs will develop a closer connection with your audience and allow them see more of you. It may not work for every post, but there will undoubtedly be some which will allow you to show off your personality.

4. Dissect your information

So far we’ve demonstrated humans are visual beings who dislike reading lengthy blog posts. They prefer to go right to the point and then read only the bits which interesting to them. Naturally, this implies you must devise a method to provide this exact experience.

Your visitors are unlikely to cope with a full post about tens of various products. They’d prefer to view the most significant aspects, then focus on the descriptions of the specific products they’re interested in.

One method to accomplish this is to design a section that only covers significant features.

5. Provide an affiliate sales comparison table

Another technique to achieve the same impact is to present information at a glance. This allows the viewer to make a quick purchasing choice.

Comparison charts are frequently seen on blogs which work with affiliate sales. There are plenty of plugins to help you set this up, as well as adding a lovely visual aspect to the page.

Opting to include a comparison table at the top of the page may imply some of the audience will leave after reviewing this material. However, using a table for your affiliate sales is still clever.

6. Make your CTAs stand out

The Call To Action is another critical component of sales page design. Although your post strictly isn’t a sales page, we’ll treat it as one for the time being because you’re attempting to persuade someone to click and buy.

Similarly to understanding the value of images, bloggers also understand the importance of CTAs and include them. Unfortunately, some CTAs you come across do not serve the goal they were intended for.

CTAs are meant to catch the user’s attention by standing out, and make it crystal obvious what you want done. CTAs are designed to encourage a particular action you want the visitors to do.

Keep in mind your unique content and target audience before implementing any of these design ideas. Yes, graphics are required, but perhaps you could forgo CTAs or a table of contents.

It will all rely on your own style and what your audience wants to read. Think about the suggestions, but there’s no obligation to apply them to gain more affiliate sales if you don’t think they’re a good fit for your site.

About the author

Usman KhanzadaUsman Khanzada is a Digital Marketer at FME Extension Dubai having good experience of about 3 years in this field. He is passionate about Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and the web in general and loves to learn new things related to Technology. If you have anything in mind, contact him at muhammadusmanghani16@gmail.com

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