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How to take the first step into the big wide online world

A collaborative post by Joseph Peake. 

It seems today’s culture has somehow shifted towards believing only the younger generation can understand the online world.

Is this really true? Many men and women around the world who are ‘slightly older’ run online businesses. They succeed very well in their online community without it seeming as a bridge too far.

In fact there are many ways you can effectively learn to be yourself in cyberspace and attract a like-minded audience. Even if you only keep a blog to share your thoughts with the world or use it as a diary, you can easily accomplish something worthwhile in the online world in a few simple steps.

The key to getting your head around this type of technology is to find the right advice.

Learn something new

If you speak to young people like your children or grandchildren, you’ll find they use a totally different vocabulary. They understand the online world like the back of their hands, and sometimes getting them to explain it is tougher than actually using it.

If you want a good resource to learn more, reading magazines like Which? can be very helpful. It provides a guide for businesses that have previously relied on old fashioned marketing to branch out into the digital environment.

They will see it is necessary to focus on increasing sales online. Many shoppers will prefer to browse for their items at their leisure before they make a final purchase. This means you will need to fully adapt your website to cope with this change in behaviour.

Plan your business schedule

Many CMS platforms like WordPress or Wix offer the ability to create websites. This enables you to promote your goods, services and brand. All you need is a domain and create some pages, as well as adding the necessary content.

Before you start your business, you need create a plan by writing a schedule. This would be much easier if you took Advanced Excel training classes. This program helps you to plan your business clearly onto a page which anyone can read.

Now you can log your orders, profits, sales and anything else related to both your website and business. You’ll be able to analyse data, focus on your goals, put any financial model through a scenario and effectively study the results.

This programme is extremely suitable if you want to expand your business and accurately see the projected figures in the online world.

Learn what SEO can do for you

SEO is a technique, and pretty much an industry, which constantly seeks to innovate how web content is seen in the online world.

It’s important your blog posts and business web pages keep up with the current customer trends. You can do this through search engine optimisation. Appropriate keywords can springboard your website to the top of many search engines results. If you do this right, this will help to increase sales by attracting more relevant viewers to your website.

Making that leap onto the Internet stage has never been easier than it is right now. It’s easy to take advantage of the many helpful blog posts, articles and magazines around that can show you how to get started. Making that first step is purely up to you.

How did you direct your business into the online world?

Share with us in the comments below what you did and why.

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Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott (aka the award winning Fairy Blog Mother) has been helping bloggers understand about blogging for two decades.

She has also been scrutinising the benefits of commenting on blogs and social media for both individuals and businesses for a decade.

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