How to recharge when you’ve reached blog burnout

blog burnout

A guest post by Frankie Wallace. 

Blog burnout is a serious thing. It can leave you exhausted and discouraged.

Even worse, if you write for a living, blog burnout can lead to writer’s block and a complete lack of creativity. If you’re struggling with burnout, here are a few suggestions how to recharge and get those creative juices flowing again.

Take time to destress

If you’re feeling burned out, the first thing you need to do is step back for a moment. Take a deep breath, and then consider implementing a few of these ideas to help you de-stress:

  • Take time out to meditate or pray each morning
  • Eat healthier food and start taking vitamins and supplements
  • Visualise your goals
  • Unplug from your electronics for a bit

Get active

Along with the above list, it’s essential to make sure that you’re getting regular exercise. Activity can happen in a variety of different ways. The important thing is to get you away from your computer, detaching from work, and spending time getting your heart rate up. You can:

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you get your body moving regularly.

Incorporate music

As you begin to feel yourself unwind and your stress levels drop, you’re still going to want to be careful resuming your work. Blog burnout doesn’t have a quick fix. It takes time for you to recover.

Of course, you can’t always take a six-month sabbatical. If you find that you can’t take an appropriate amount of time off to rest, consider incorporating music into your working routine as an alternative to help spur on your creativity.

There’s a reason mandatory music lessons in school have been shown to nearly double student graduation rates. The same concept goes for adults as well. Working in a bit of classical music or a movie score in the background can be a great way to stimulate your creativity and keep you feeling fresh as you work.

Analyse your routine

If you still feel that blog burnout fighting to shut down your creative endeavours, it may be time to analyse your entire work routine. Sure, humans are creatures of habit, but this doesn’t mean a little change from time to time isn’t helpful.

Can you change your work environment? Sometimes consider working in the buzz of a coffee shop or the quiet focus of a library. This can be the perfect shift in your environment to help you creatively focus on the task at hand.

Do you have any bad writing habits that are getting in your way, such as spending time surfing the web or perusing social media? Perhaps you need to get more sleep. Would shifting your schedule to start working either earlier or later in the day shake things up in a positive way? In short, it can be helpful to consider your work routine and look for ways to make positive changes.

Brainstorm blog topics

Finally, if you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your blog, you may want to try a few of the tips below to overcome the burnout, fight through that writer’s block, and get yourself back on track:

  • Look at what other blogs in your industry are writing about
  • Research keywords within your niche
  • Follow social media influencers in your industry
  • Look for relevant topics that won’t be outdated in a week or two

Fighting blog burnout

It isn’t always possible to combat blog burnout with a luxurious vacation spent away from your business. However, it’s certainly possible to fight burnout in small ways like de-stressing and exercising regularly.

On top of that, it’s crucial to equip yourself with ways to spark your creativity when you’re feeling that writer’s block getting in the way. If you can recognise and address burnout using these tips and suggestions, you’ll be able to get back to your normal productivity as quickly as possible.

About the author

Frankie WallaceFrankie Wallace regularly contributes to a wide variety of blogs and enjoys writing about health tips and politics. Wallace currently resides in Boise, Idaho and is a recent graduate from the University of Montana.

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