How to write blog comments which actually drive traffic 

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A guest post by Alisha Jones. 

Do you want to know the tricks to write blog comments to drive traffic to your business? If yes, you must go through some of the essential facts that can help you make the correct decisions. We all know blog commenting forms an essential part of SEO.

You cannot skip this part if you want to drive traffic and positive results for your business. You need to think proactively to boost the chances of your brand development to the next best level.

Today, blog commenting forms an essential part of your business. It can boost the scope of your branding to the next level. If you want to get the maximum business traffic, writing a catchy blog comment will make things work perfectly for you.

5 ways to write blog comments which drive traffic

You can adopt several ways to drive traffic to your business within a specific period. You should not make your choices on the wrong end while getting the maximum benefits within a specific point in time. Blog commenting forms the backbone of your digital business.

Your focus should be on building a positive relationship with the blogger. This can boost the traffic of your website in the later part of your business development. Ensure that your accuracy level in this cases must be 100%.

1. Start with a greeting note

You always introduce yourself first to your comment’s reader, before you can start talking about the topic. This will show courtesy and politeness to the person from whom you hope to gain traffic for your site.

Offer a better solution which makes things easier for you to attain your goals with complete ease. Once you build a positive engagement with your reader, then the chances of your conversion rate will automatically increase.

2. Make a sincere compliment

If you have read the entire blog post and have gained something beneficial from it, then you must state the element which helped you the most. This will show you have read the post properly before commenting on it.

A positive attitude and moral gratitude towards the content’s author can help win potential traffic for your business. This will also help build links with your target audience within a shorter amount of time.

3. Provide added value

Genuine blog comments of interest to others will deliver better engagement to your website. Perhaps the post offered something valuable to your life.

Remember to state this fact to the blogger. This will encourage them to reply, and provide links which boost your website’s traffic. Avoid hiding your true motives if you want to gain a positive response from the blogger.

4. Ask a thoughtful question

Asking thoughtful and important questions will encourage engagement with your business in the long run. Open ended questions are more likely to result in a response, stimulating the blogger’s interest in providing you with a reply. So comment using your mind, not necessarily your logic.

Sometimes your EQ can play a more vital role than your IQ, so you can try whatever option suits you the best. Ensure the questions do not offend the blogger, as this will stop any conversations with you.

5. Share personal insights

Engage with the blogger by sharing your feelings, points of view and observations. These must be engaging in nature, when sharing your own personal experience within the same situation. You need to make sure you are always relevant.

Remember your personal opinions can hold more weight than anything else in the same situation in which the blogger writes the content. Here you need to play with your mind as well as with your heart to win the confidence of the writer.

Ready to write more blog comments?

Adopt the above mentioned techniques to boost your chances of driving more traffic from your blog comments. The best part of blog commenting is it allows you to get maximum visibility over a certain period. You have to understand the reality while meeting your aims.

Share your views and comments in our comment box. This will allow you to drive more traffic to your business. The more you share your ideas with us, the best your chances will be to boost more traffic.

Without proper blog commenting, you cannot drive the maximum traffic to your business. You have to follow the process that can make things work perfectly within a particular period of time. This will ensure the chances of mistakes are less.

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Alisha JonesAlisha Jones is an online entrepreneur by profession and a passionate blogger by heart. She is on a mission to help digital businesses grow online. She shares her journey, insights, and experiences at Smart Business Daily, Real Wealth Business, Sb News Room, Emblem Wealth, Finance Team, Global Business Diary, Money Outlined, Small Business Journals, Most Valued Business, and Dream Land Estate.

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