Would you like a complimentary Blog Review?

Blog ReviewYes, that’s right, a complimentary blog review. A chance to find out more about your blog or website for free.Videoed Blog ReviewThis is what I can offer you:

  • A short video reviewing your blog
  • I will tell you what’s good, bad or indifferent
  • I will praise where it is due
  • I will recommend improvements, if necessary
  • You can also have an accompanying half-hour Skype call to explain my video fully

One question you may be asking yourself is:

“Why should I want a blog review?”

Having an experienced third party critically look at your blog from the outside can be beneficial in many ways.magnifying glassI will look at your blog as your visitors do. This is important, because how your visitors use your blog can make a big difference towards its success. You need to know how your blog is perceived by your readers and whether they are doing what you want them to do.I will be able to see things that you don’t notice. Even though you’ve may have checked it a thousand times, there will be some things that escape your attention. Or because you’re so immersed in your blog, you find it difficult to step back and see it from an outsider’s point of view.I can give you encouragement and recommendations. This will include making suggestions that can enhance your blog’s performance, and guide you in the right direction to make it even better.

”I was looking for some blogging training for my mum when I saw the offer to do a free review which seemed too good to miss.”It was a great review – video is a perfect format for this and the enthusiastic style was wonderful. It was evident that Alice had been through every single page and critiqued it. The tip to make sure that links open in another tab to stop people from navigating away from my website was such a valuable point. She even showed me how to fix it.”It’s only been yesterday since my review, but already I’ve started making lists of things I want to do. I would recommend this to everyone! Who can’t use free and insightful advice from someone with so much experience? It was an absolutely painless process and actually I really enjoyed watching the video review. I watched it more than once.”
”Linda , ””

And what will I get out of it?

A chance to get a good look at your blog. A chance to find out what you’re blogging about. A chance to read different blogs and even learn something myself.I may even leave a comment on one of your posts. Or even share one on social media. Whatever I do will be all part of the user experience.And if you are suitably impressed by what I reveal within my review, you may also allow me to look inside of your blog, and advise you on better blogging practices.

”I wanted feedback on my coaching website from someone with experience, because I knew it wasn’t very good. The landing page wasn’t very clear in what I offered, and there was too much unnecessary material across a surfeit of pages. Also it was too impersonal.”After my review I am now in the process of rebuilding and redesigning my website from scratch, whilst incorporating some of the advice given to me.”I would recommend this to anyone who has a self-built website, as another set of unbiased eyes are invaluable in seeing what you cannot, and will highlight things you would never have thought of.”
”David , ””

Is there an example I can see?

Of course! Here’s a video of one of my blog reviews, and there’s a link under it that will take to you more examples.

View more examples here!

Yes, I want to book a complimentary blog review now!

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