10 clever ways to get more blog subscribers

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A collaborative post by Joseph Peake. 

Growing a successful blog is no easy feat. While content is certainly crucial, many bloggers get caught up in the task of writing it. However, there are several other essential factors that contribute to the success of a blog.

A very important one is getting more blog subscribers. These are readers who are notified when you publish content and visit your blog often.

Not only that, they share your content with others, which helps to grow your readership. The more loyal readers you have, the better your blog will be.

Here are ten clever ways to get more blog subscribers.

1. Make an upload schedule

The fastest way to lose subscribers is to publish content inconsistently.

While you don’t need a perfect blogging streak, subscribers expect regularity. If you publish five articles in one week and then nothing for a month, you’ll frustrate your readers, putting off subscribers and potential new subscribers alike.

Because of this, you should spread out those posts. By establishing an upload schedule, you will keep your content consistent, giving readers something to look forward to.

2. Highlight other blog subscribers

Social proof is an effective way to gain blog subscribers.

As social creatures, humans tend to conform to the actions of others, assuming that those actions are the correct behaviour. This validation can be a powerful motivator, even among subscriber bases.

Highlighting the number of subscribers the blog has already accumulated is a great way to leverage social proof. When potential new subscribers see that number, they will subscribe because so many others have.

3. Display the subscription button

The process of subscribing to a blog should be as easy as possible.

When readers have to look for subscriptions forms, they’re unlikely to hand over their details. For this reason, you should display calls to action, such as subscription buttons, on your site.

Conducting user research, like A/B testing, will help you to determine what colour, shape, and wording is best for your subscription button. Whatever design you go with, this button must be easy to find on every page of your website.

4. Offer bribes to readers

Readers often won’t subscribe without a good reason to do so.

Although quality content should do the trick, offering a small bribe won’t do any harm. Consider the problems that your readers have and look for ways to solve them.

Perhaps you could write an informative ebook or share a discount code. Whatever incentive you choose, it must be unique and available only to your subscribers. Make sure that this incentive is stated or your readers won’t know about it.

5. Host your own contest

Contests definitely aren’t the easiest of marketing tactics to organise.

However, when utilised the right way, the end result is often more than worth the effort. Readers will have to subscribe to the blog to enter the competition, thus boosting your subscribership.

You can also offer additional entries to whoever shares your content across social media platforms. Consider the choice of prize carefully, as it must be something of value. Some bloggers offer their own services for free.

6. Utilise social media platforms

Many bloggers host and share contests on social media, but there are many more uses for this marketing tool.

Just like retailers advertise products, you must promote the content you create. Social media is a great place to do this. Remember to share, tweet, and post your articles across all social media platforms.

It’s also important that your website shows social sharing buttons at the bottom of each post. This will allow your readers and subscribers to easily share content which they have enjoyed.

7. Build a landing page

Having a dedicated landing page is helpful when asking readers to become blog subscribers.

Visitors need to know why to subscribe, which is the purpose of this page. If you have subscriber buttons or links on your blog, it’s a good idea to redirect readers to this landing page.

Here they will learn the benefits of subscribing, the type of content they will receive, and the frequency of that content. This page doesn’t have to be complicated, but it must offer a persuasive argument.

8. Write for other websites

Guest blogging is where a blogger writes for a third party website, which then publishes that content.

While this may seem like a waste of time, it can be effective in boosting website traffic. If you write for a larger competing blog, you get to share your content with a much bigger audience. This can attract new visitors, or, better still, more blog subscribers.

However, before you can begin guest blogging, you must list your biggest competitors and contact each one by email with your pitch.

9. Comment on related posts

When you comment on blogs, you open yourself up to building relationships with like-minded individuals in your niche.

Although this won’t always improve your subscribership, it certainly won’t hurt. Taking part in other communities will help to get your name out there and spark the curiosity of other readers.

This could be enough to entice them into visiting your website. Ask your comment readers to click on your name, as this is a link to your website which you submit when you publish your comment other blog posts.

10. Listen to your readers

Readers are the best source of advice you can find when it comes to improving your blog.

They not only understand what makes people subscribe, but what puts them off too. Because of this, you must read and respond to any comments at the end of your posts, as well as the messages and emails you receive.

Make a note of any topics they would like to discuss and use them to inspire your content later. When you receive negative feedback, try not to make the same mistake again.

How successful are you at getting more blog subscribers?

Blogging isn’t nearly as easy as many people make it out to be. It takes time and hard work to create a successful and thriving website.

While many factors go into that, your subscriber base is key. Hopefully, with the clever tips above, you can get more people subscribing to your blog.

And if you have any tips about attracting blog subscribers you would like to share, please let us know through the comments below.

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