How to earn money by blogging 4 hours a week

blogging 4 hours a week

This post was prepared by Jason Tackov. 

Everybody’s heard a story about successful bloggers earning six figures a month, and making money while they sleep.

Indeed blogging can be a great source of income, but it most certainly is not the easiest one. Most of the new blogs last between six months and a year, and after that, they stop publishing new content and never recover.

Unfortunately, every blog needs time and takes time to succeed, but time is the one thing that most of us do not have. This is why you should make a plan to start earning money by blogging 4 hours a week. Yeah, you’ve read it right – only 4 hours per week.

Grow by blogging 4 hours a week

This strategy is based on avoiding the tension and frustration that comes with working on your new blog with every free time that you have. This is exactly what you should avoid.

In order to create a successful by blogging 4 hours a week, there are some sacrifices to be made. First and foremost, your blog should grow at a slow pace for the first six months to a year, and for this time your focus should be only on the most important tasks.

In the beginning, you should avoid worrying about ads, creating courses, and publishing eBooks, and focus on things you must do. This is called the Pareto principle or 80/20 rule, which means doing 80% of work in 20% of the time that you have available.

Basically, you are learning how to spend your time efficiently and maximise the potential of this 20% of work.

Do the basics

Before jumping into content creation, you’ll need to learn how to start a blog.

The very first step is to think of a catchy domain and suitable web hosting. Your domain name should attract the readers to your blog, be easy to remember, and simple to type into the search bar.

When it comes to web hosting, you should pick a plan optimised for blogging, with one-click installation and a mix of advanced and beginner-friendly features like Hostinger. This will help you start quickly and hustle-free, which is important in the beginning.

Feel free to save up money and pick a shared hosting plan which will be more than enough for starters.

Avoid burn-outs by blogging 4 hours a week

By committing to only blogging 4 hours a week, you are avoiding the feel of hard work. This will help you stay fresh with ideas and topics to work on, and allow you to focus on your chosen niche.

Learn to look at your blogging like a fun hobby, rather than a job. Everyone can use 4 hours a week of doing nothing and turn it into something profitable in the long run.

Stay true to your schedule

The important thing is to maintain this schedule, and not skip a single one in order to keep your content fresh and up to date. A blog without fresh content is simply – dead, skip one week, and you will see a large drop in visitors count, which is the thing you have to avoid.

When we talk about publishing an article every week, you don’t have to feel the pressure of writing the best blog article ever. With the time that you have, you should avoid huge guides and focus on articles between 700 and 1500 words.

Try to keep it simple with personal experiences and life lessons. Remember list posts? Very easy when blogging 4 hours a week. People love them. Everything above 7 items on the list will get you the traffic you need.

If your blog is specialised in a certain niche, it is always good to have an expert’s opinion on some of the topics you are talking about. Guest writers, with third-party validation, are very important, especially for new blogs.

Invest in social media

No matter what your personal opinion is about social media, look at this as a channel for promoting your blog. Just a glance at Google Analytics will tell you everything.

Google loves social media, and so should your blog. Start with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn and work your way around others later when you have time. Try to experiment with different networks and keep an eye on the statistics in order to stay focused and make the best of the time that you have available.

It is important to know social media is a great shortcut for promoting new blogs. When you start your new blog, you don’t have referrals and traffic for growth.

Instead, use one hour of your blogging 4 hours a week and dedicate it to social media promotion. See which network suits you best, and learn how to use your time efficiently. Then, after a year, you can see the results and decide whether it is worth pursuing social media sharing, and if your time invested really works well for your audience.

Try to share every post that you have, and even share blogs with similar content in order to boost your social media account’s strength. This helps you to benefit from them in the long run.

Become your own publisher

No serious writer started as a blogger, but blogging is a perfect path to publishing your work. Since you are already creating content, it is just natural to take advantage of the job that you are doing and create another source of income.

With no additional work required, you can implement a book strategy into your writing. Try to think of a broader topic to work on, and consider your posts as part of the chapters. This way your strategy will help you write your book along with writing blog content, and before you know it, your book will be ready.

Whether you chose an eBook or a hard copy doesn’t really matter, because it is an additional source of income that you created along the way.

Finish your trial period

First-year of your blogging 4 hours a week should be easy and fun, and you should look at it that way.

After a year or two, you should see more traffic and money coming in from your blog. This is the right time for big decisions.

If you feel like it, you can invest more time into content, development, and marketing, and even make blogging your full-time job. You can also take baby steps and gradually increase your activities, up to the point it makes you comfortable.

The good thing is you can keep track of statistics and see the impact on your traffic and income. One other option is to keep the things as they are and let your blog remain your hobby. This way you can keep the growth at a steady pace, and always have an option to invest more of you when you feel like it is the right time.

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