How blogging allows interaction with your target audience

how blogging allows interaction with your target audience

A guest post by Anneka Burrett. 

There’s a never-ending battle between companies for the attention of their target audience.

Larger organisations have massive budgets allocated for various marketing activities aimed at engaging their target audience. For the rest of us without access to an unlimited marketing fund, there are other approaches to reach your target audience without breaking the bank.

The importance of blogging has been long discovered. Benefits include helping to drive traffic to position yourself as a brand leader. Not to mention the various SEO benefits that accompany it. We’ll come back to the benefits a bit later.

However, probably the most important benefit of blogging is how it allows you to develop better customer relationships. In other words, blogging allows interaction.

You’re probably familiar with the saying ‘content is king’. While it may be a wildly overused phase, it’s absolutely correct. The quality of your content is far more valuable than the quantity. Blog posts that serve a specific purpose instead of just existing for the sake of existing perform better.

This post explores how blogging allows interaction, enabling you to engage with your target audience, which in turn builds loyalty and overall company success.

Tips for interacting with the blog audience

Know your audience

Knowing your audience doesn’t just mean finding out who reads your blog. It means coming up with a persona about their life, a story about how they end up reading your blog.

For example, is your ideal audience male or female? How old are they? What’s their profession and annual income? Are they single with disposable income or married with children? On which platform are you likely to find them?

Knowing the answers to these questions allows you to target a specific group by providing content they are interested in or can relate to in terms that they can understand.


This is important in blogging. If you publish content once a week or month (doesn’t matter how often) you need to make sure you’re consistent.

Of course, it’ll take you a while to get into some sort of system. You’ll need to conduct research into the best times to publish content in your niche and have a think about how often you’d like to be publishing content.

Respond to comments (blog and social media)

Responding to connects on your blog and social media allows you to follow visitors’ responses to your posts. With this, you’re able to replicate what you know that they like.

Also, responding directly play a huge role in building trust and loyalty. According to the CEO of snapchat, while growth is good, it’s nothing compared to a focus on engagement. He argues that the sharing of ideas creates a greater sense of ownership.

5 benefits when blogging allows interaction

When blogging allows interaction as part of your marketing efforts, it brings with it a lot of benefits. Some of which include:

Increase organic traffic

As was touched on above, blogging plays a huge role in supporting your SEO efforts. Adding relevant content regularly means more pages are being indexed by search engines which increases organic visibility and traffic.

Increase authority

Authority in this sense means building yourself or business as an expert in your industry. A blog offers you a platform to share your ideas and knowledge. In other words, it makes you a reputable source of reference.

Refine your writing skills

The more you do anything, the better you get at it. The same applies when writing. While being the best writer doesn’t necessarily mean your blog will be successful, it does mean that your audiences are able to understand your message better.

Strengthen relationships with the audience

The most important of all the benefits is that you get to engage with your customers. It provides the opportunity to connect with both potential and existing audiences in a conversational way.

Build a network

The best part of blogging is the spirit of community. Beginner or expert blogger, connecting with other people in your industry helps to grow your blog. Tips for connecting with other bloggers include: sharing their content, connecting on the blogs or even offering guest posting opportunities on your blog. 

What do you gain with blogging allows interaction

A study by Google found that up to 90% of web users constantly switch from between various devices to accomplish a single go. So successful engagement through your blog is important for capturing contact information and developing relationships.

By including pictures, videos, polls or surveys into your blog, your audience is able to leave comments or share with friends. Remember to reply to comments, ask questions and offer valuable advice to keep your audience coming back.

Do you have any other tips for promoting engagement when blogging allows interaction? Share your method by leaving a comment below.

About the author

Anneka BurrettAnneka Burrett is Head of Digital Experience at BrightHR, a leading people management software company. She is responsible for generating leads through paid and earned digital channels, as well as through strategic digital marketing campaigns. She oversees continuous optimisation of BrightHR’s digital touchpoints to adapt to new customer behaviour and to improve the user and buyer journey.

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