Get some good ideas from a Blogging Consultation

Blog ConsultationYour consultation can either be a continuation from your blog review (which is currently complimentary), or a meeting to:

  • find out how your blog is performing
  • answer any questions you have about blogging
  • fill in any gaps in your blogging knowledge
  • advise about how to progress further with your blog
  • discuss any design elements you’d like for your blog
  • discuss any digital marketing elements you’d like for your blog
  • advise on blogging techniques that could enhance your blog
“OMG you are amazing! I can see difference already when I Google myself and already queries are coming in! I’m going to tell everyone in my network!”
Siobhan Young

Meetings can either happen:

  • via Skype for a pre-prescribed duration
  • face-to-face at your offices (travelling expenses will be included)
  • in my office including demonstrations from my computer (in special circumstances only)
“Alice has helped me with a web based project that required being setting up from scratch. It’s been such a pleasure to deal with her when I would normally have scrabbled around aimlessly myself. She is quick with results, great with ideas and questions when she feels there is a better or alternative way to do something. There is more work in the pipeline with her, I enjoy working with her. It’s very easy and straight forward! Thank you!”
Heidi Strickland-Clark

How much do I charge?

My consultation fees start from £75 an hour.

I want you to think “If I spent £XX with Alice, I could earn £XXX as a result.” Consultation is only valuable if you understand what you can benefit from it, and then go ahead and implement it immediately to make my advice start working for you.

Consultations can also be accomplished via a written report. You need to give me detailed requests of what you want to find out, and I will respond within a prescribed timeline.

My consultation reports start from £250, depending upon the length and complexity of the project.

“I arrived to Alice’s with two pages of questions and queries about my blog and and social media. After just three hours we had actioned many of my points and I was a whole lot wiser about what other actions I can take. Alice’s openness and honesty in her advise was refreshing, I felt looked after and valued. Thank you Alice for helping me to the next stage.”
Doreen Gowing

“How would I benefit from a blogging consultation?”

Getting an experienced third party to critically look at your blog from the outside can be beneficial in many ways. By taking on the role of your blog’s visitor, I will:

  • magnifying glassexperience the user-experience and the journey taken of each visitor
  • understand how you want to achieve your blog’s purpose
  • locate any leakages or blockages towards achieving that purpose
  • offer tips and tricks that could enhance your blog’s performance
  • simplify or perfect the mechanisms to achieving your blog’s objectives
  • suggest various digital marketing practices that would enhance your blog’s performance
  • answer any other queries you have and provide a possible solution to your problems

My consultation could also include:

  • blog layout improvements
  • blog visual impact and design enhancements
  • blog writing styles and techniques
  • how to communicate with your readers/visitors
  • how to market your blog and its services
  • perfecting your call to actions and other psychological incentives
  • suggesting digital marketing ideas and practices, including plugin recommendations
“If you want to “get” blogging then speak to Alice. She understands how and why you should do it, how it can impact on your business and is good at getting it across to clients.”
Alison Whistler

I have over 10 years of blogging experience and have taken several diplomas in digital marketing during that time to help understand and perfect blogging to an advanced level.

I also make sure you fully understand exactly what my suggestions entail before implementing them, so that if you were to attempt to continue using them afterwards, they will not be too confusing or intimidating to stop you.
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If you haven’t requested a blog review, which includes a free Skype session, perhaps now’s the time to think about it!