Blogging Edge UK Blog Awards 2015

I’ve been nominated for another blogging award, the Blogging Edge Blog Awards 2015 – yay!

Blogging Edge is a matchmaking services for bloggers and brands. They get bloggers to “reach more people, enhance your content, and get more stuff” by offering “inspiration, content ideas and connection opportunities”.

And they also hold a blogging competition, in which I’ve been nominated for the Technology category:

Blogging Edge Awards

Click on the image, select the Technology button in the left sidebar, and mouse over the heart pointers to find mine. And then vote for me!

Blogging Edge Blog Awards Vote Location

There is a tiny-weeny fly in the ointment. I nominated my friend Sarah Arrow of Sark e-Media, knowing in my heart that she would dominate this award.

And of course she has. As expected.

She claims she wants a British award to put against her US accolades, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, she isn’t in the top 10 list of British Blogging Gurus for nothing!

However, I would like to come second in this competition. So please vote for me so that my vote count isn’t too embarrassing against Sarah’s massive collection. Let me get at least 100 against her thousands!

Thank you!


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