The blogging and mobile texting connection [Interview]

blogging and mobile texting

How do you connect blogging and mobile texting?

Hmmm. I had the same thought. But found the answer for some of the questions I was asked in a recent questionnaire interview.

MediaShower contacted me with a series of questions, which I duly answered. Then a couple of weeks later I received an email telling me my interview was published in the website:

Read the interview here

There’s all the usual background questions to give the reader a bit more information about me.

And then they asked me:

  • What does it take to succeed as a blogger today?
  • What are best practices for creating, maintaining and growing interest in a blog?
  • How should bloggers approach designing their sites?
  • What are the most common mistakes or oversights you see bloggers making when attempting to grow their sites?
  • What are the dos and don’ts for marketing a blog?

Now I enjoy answering these types of questions. Here I can really get my teeth into the state of blogging today, how it is moving on into the future and various tips and tricks what do to about it.

But what about the mobile texting connection?

But since the host blog is about SMS marketing, the necessary questions about blogging and mobile texting were asked:

  • How do you think marketing rules for blogging could be applied to text messaging marketing?
  • How can SMS be incorporated into a blog’s marketing strategy?

And this is where I really had to scratch my head. However, some important messages to the blogging world arose out of my answers, which I think are worth reading.

So click on the orange button and see what I have to say. You won’t be disappointed (even with the questions about mobile texting). In fact I’m quite pleased with how the interview turned out!

And let me know what you think in my comment box below. (In fact you can only do that here, as doesn’t allow comments.)

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