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All the excitement of creating or building a blog, the newness of it all, can be quite short lived. Even yesterday I helped a friend start a new blog, and he excitedly went through the settings and themes to get the ‘look’ he wanted. He vowed he would start writing posts this weekend, and that he would regularly post every week.

Oh, the reality is different. My boss asked me to design a banner for her client’s blog, and taking a quick look at the existing content I noticed that the style and subject matter were good, lively and readable, but he hadn’t posted since May. All that frenzied activity for the first month had quickly fizzled out, the enthusiasm had drained away, and a poor, neglected blog that appeared to have great potential languished before me on my computer screen.

This is the plight of so many blogs out there (the same is with Twitter accounts and other social networking profiles). A blog with no content might as well be a cheese sandwich! These forgotten self-editable websites that are carefully designed to attract the search engines and their spiders, that thrive on consistently produced new material stuffed full of keywords and links that are so appetising to the internet bots who constantly roam looking for something to index. It’s as sad and unthinkable as getting a new puppy and then forgetting to feed him and take him for walks!

The adage “blogs are not just for Christmas, they are for life” may be scary, but this needn’t be so. If you are as diligent and full of enthusiasm as you need to be to make your business a success, then you need to do some sort of social networking activity, and a blog is an easy (and it is easy) example.  Even if you can’t write well, hire someone who can – but I’m sure whatever you write will be suitable towards promoting your business the way you want to. After all, who else knows your business better than you?

That is what the content of a blog should be – all about you and your business.  Don’t fill it with irrelevant material like you find on Twitter, nobody is interested in your social life. Instead write about what you know – you must be a fountain of information and expertise about your industry, so why not share it with your existing and potential customers? Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere you could record everything you think is important for your customers to know, a point of reference that can be fed into your social networking accounts, back-up links to affirm your points of view, a place to hold your latest revelations, fantastic ideas for the future, past successes with great clients, scintillating information that your clients would really benefit from…

So why are you neglecting your poor old blog? Visit him, reassure him, and feed him – he’s hungry for your knowledge!

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  • I really enjoyed this post, Alice. I am just at the point of moving to posting a few times a week and it is great getting some good-humoured inspiration at the right time.

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