Would your blog benefit from some Blogging Training?

Blogging TrainingThere are three kinds of people who start a blog:

  • throughly technical guy who already has a few already under his belt. He probably finds the whole process of creating a blog a bit of a doddle.
  • An adventurist who has been tempted by the idea of a blog. She does a bit of research and happily gets stuck in with the most accessible version.
  • total beginner who quakes at the word ‘blog’. She knows it something they should try because they have been told it will be good for her.

Now I specialise in helping the third kind of person, and my blogging training can easily help the second person if they get a bit stuck. (The first can be left on their own, and anyway they certainly wouldn’t be visiting this website!)

“Alice is one of those rare people who can explain a paragraph of complex technical data in one brief English sentence.”
Jo Sandelson

And, as I said on my homepage, I also focus my blogging training on starting at the beginning, the Level 0 of blogging.

This is because I believe if you have a good foundation in understanding how something works, it makes your life a lot easier as you progress through your blogging journey.

I am naturally curious (i.e. I’m not afraid to click on something to see what happens). So I have investigated what I think is important (and some things that aren’t) to find out what they do and whether it is worth bothering with.

And then I create my easy-to-understand blogging training tutorials to show you in the easiest way possible how to do blogging and explain how it will affect you and your blog.

“Alice’s website helped me to delete the comments box on specific pages of my blog in an easy-to-understand and straight forward set of visual screenshots. After days of trying to figure it out, I landed on her page and saw how to do it in a few simple steps that took a couple of minutes.”
Dan Rosandich

What subjects are available?

I will be focusing on these areas:

  • How to create your first blog from scratch
  • Understanding the Settings (and other bits ‘behind the scenes’ that are important)
  • How to write your first post (efficiently, properly, and explaining what those ‘extra bits’ do)
  • How to use images correctly (so they look good on your blog)
  • The wonderful world of widgets (and other gadgets for your blog)
  • The power of links (and how they work on and for your blog)
  • Understanding how commenting works (and other interaction with your readers)
  • Explaining how to do simple SEO (and make it less confusing)
  • Explaining statistics and analytics (how to add and interpret them)
  • Tips and tricks on writing posts (how to attract readers and save time)
  • Understanding the subtleties of navigation, menus and more

And that’s just for starters!

These tutorials will be found on my Beginner Bloggers blog. This will become your safe haven for learning about all things blogging. It’s also a good place to browse through the posts there, as I’m sure you’ll find answers to any questions you may have.

And of course my posts on this blog, as over the past 6 years or so I have written on a myriad of blogging subjects. You’re bound to find something useful there. Just use the Search mechanism at the top of the sidebar.

“Alice combines impeccable attention to detail with mad WordPress skills, creativity, responsiveness and a charming sense of humour. She is prompt, professional, wise, and a delight to work with.”
Tom Pick