How can these bluggers change the world?

A group of bluggers

Yes, I have spelled it right, bluggers.

I got this word from this blog post: which, true to how most portmanteau words are born, arose from a Blog Club, or Blug. If you’re interested, the author of the above post is the third from the right – and I’m the one in blue! The other bluggers also write in the blog, who often meet in this beautiful garden.

So I have joined a new Blug. And these bluggers are no ordinary bloggers, we have come together with a common aim, and age. Pictured above is part of the vanguard of a new platform that is being created called, in which bloggers who are aged 40 or over can use a space that is specifically created for them.

Why post 40?

We needed somewhere that represented similar bloggers, a collective world of like-minded people, a group who have participated in the same learning curve and have been exposed to the same inhibitions while trying to cope.

Our kids have grown up in a world of internet, websites, mobile devices, etc, whereas for us computers were these fantastic huge things that only highly technical people knew how to operate. Later we progressed onto word-processors instead of typewriters, which meant we could make a mistake which could be deleted and it wasn’t the end of the world! Eventually as we embraced laptops and tablets, we watched as things around us were adapted and ‘improved’ to make things easier, faster, more possible, the unbelievable believable…

OK, a lot of 40+ bloggers may have grown up with computers and stuff (I only started to use them in 1985), but it isn’t second nature to us. Our offspring may live and breathe technology, but I’m sure they have evolved and developed because of the age they live in: the joke that it’s the 5-year-old who programmes the X-box or whatever still holds true.

What is 40+?

Bloggers over 40 have a different mindset to those who are younger. They find the technological process a bit harder to grasp, but in doing so they tend to ask more questions. These may be seen as irrelevant or superfluous by the younger set, but the older user has a more cautious nature, borne out of past experience from a world where everything wasn’t so easy or instantaneous at a touch of a button, information wasn’t so readily to hand, and everything progressed at a much slower pace.

The older blogger is more likely to think before doing anything. They will envisage security issues, they want to know why something works as it does, they want to understand the processes involved and relate them to how they think, how they have experienced from their life in the past. This means they have less spontaneous intuitive responses, they don’t immediately ‘get’ a function or a new icon, they find it harder to search for an alternative way if it suddenly appears different to what they are used to.

Why these bluggers?

My headline was not meant to be misleading – these bluggers could change the world for the 40+ blogger! So much on the net is becoming increasingly more technical, ever rapidly evolving and changing as new facilities or platforms are developed, new concepts of communicating or connecting are created, and a new way of life is expected of everyone.

And the older blogger adapts wonderfully! Although we embrace these changes at a slower pace, we make full use of them at the limited capacity we choose or select, whichever fits into our existing lives. We wait patiently until new technology becomes glitch free, we watch and learn from the youngsters as they try it out and explore its capabilities, and then we take the bits we want and use them to the fullest extent.

Once this new platform,, is ready, 40+ bloggers could find out more from these bluggers if they chose to join. Here will be an environment of like-minded people, where they can ask a question without feeling stupid, where issues they can relate to are discussed, where subject matters that appeal to them are blogged about, where things are explained using appropriate language that everyone can understand.

You’re welcome – if you’re the right age!

Please don’t feel we are creating an exclusive clique, we’re just providing a service to a group that may find things heavy going or feel left out. There are a lot of bloggers out there who are over 40. They may not be blogging to make money or to promote a business, they may just enjoy writing, want to connect to others on the web, feel a need to express themselves on an online platform rather than through traditional pen and paper.

If you’ve yet to reach the magic milestone, don’t despair! Make contact via the website to join if your birthday isn’t far off. There may be strict entry requirements, but really this platform has been created by these post 40 bluggers for other post 40 bloggers, who understand how you think and know what you want. And it’s easy to join, first tweet “I’m in. #post40bloggers” and then leave your email details via the website.

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  • Excellent analysis of how over 40 and under 40 look at world of technology. However hard I try, it’s never going to instinctive, but I’ve got more questions than Google has answers.

  • We should be careful, however, in labelling the 40+ age group as always slower to grasp technology – a label often *automatically* attached to this age group. Part of my aim as a co-founder of #Post40Bloggers is to debunk some of this myth. There is also a very savvy, technology-forward group of people aged over 40 who not only ‘get it’, but understand more than their children!

    So, as well as providing a safe place for the post 40 blogger to ask questions and explore technology, our other very important aim of #Post40Bloggers is to really showcase the quality work of the 40+ blogger. Quality work which is not always entirely dependent on knowing all the gizmos and forums in order to write, blog, photograph, craft, animate or vlog with the best of them – whatever age.

    • Apologies Mel, I had no intention to undermine the over 40 blogger. Certainly there may be many who are extremely technical, and you’re right, they may have a thing or two up their sleeves to teach the younger set! Age and wisdom do go together.

      Post40Bloggers will be an ideal place to hang out, as well as a perfect position to showcase literary, craft, imagery, podcast and video skills, for whatever reasons: business, pleasure, expression, education… Let’s hope we can take the blogosphere by storm!

  • Oh, sweetie, no apology necessary. I was also in danger of forgetting a sub-set of our new and exciting network and which my co-founders pointed out to me!

    You are right, technology has moved at such a pace – technology we didn’t grow up with – that it may be especially difficult for the new post 40 blogger to embrace straight away and is where you will definitely come in.

    I am confident that together we can create a network where everyone, at whatever skill level, will feel welcome. Certain, I tell you! Mx

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