8 ways how Twitter can boost traffic to your blog

boost traffic using Twitter

A guest post by Peter Clarke. 

Social media provides an opportunity for both small and large businesses to promote their content. However, when it comes to promoting to boost traffic to your blog posts, Twitter should be your number one choice. This is because it offers a link-based service, and over 152 million users love to tweet daily.

Sharing your blog content link on Twitter will obviously drive traffic to your website. You will soon see you have more views and engagements. But there’s a catch. You have to stick to certain strategies to see fruitful results.

1. Use precise tweets

Tweets are usually short. However, short sentences with fewer words can be more effective than longer ones. Short tweets with fewer than 100 characters get a 21% higher interaction rate.  This means you have to be creative to convey your message in such a limited space.

Short tweets need to invoke interest to boost traffic to your blog article. You don’t need to constantly repeat the title of your post. Use call-to-actions to generate more interest and reactions from your readers. But be careful about trigger words, such as “Read shocking facts which will change your perception”.

2. Incorporate statistics

Any write-up will be made more legitimate by using validations, irrespective of the content’s length. Use many interesting statistical facts in your blog, and tweet about it. Numbers and characters often create an impact, but how would this boost traffic? These make your tweet stand out from the millions of tweets your followers get in their feed.

For example, you blog about COVID-19 and its impact on economy, education and corporate sectors. You’ve used a statistical figure such as the global income loss of US$3.5 trillion. Use this in your tweet to say “Economic sector takes a hit with $3.5T loss”.

3. Employ correct hashtags

Use hashtags to attract new followers. Spread your tweets through various topics by using a common discussion subject. This helps users to organise and sort out their tweets. This also compels action and makes surfing easier, by keeping it realistic. You can use examples like #covid or #business, or ones which resonate more with your readers, like brand names or trends.

However there are certain rules you must follow. Avoid writing any spelling and other grammatical mistakes, and make things easy to remember. You could be creative with your hashtags and start your own trend. Do research to see what hashtags other people are using when talking about your brand, and capitalise on those to boost traffic to your blog.

4. Use @mentions

If you think your tweets are going unnoticed, definitely start mentioning people in your tweets to get their attention. This allows you to send a tweet directly to your followers, customers or anyone on Twitter. The mention should be a part of the tweet itself. In fact, you can use it in many ways.

If any companies, bloggers or customers comment on your blog post, mention them in a tweet that links to your post. They will appreciate the mention, and will re-tweet your tweet to their followers. Replying to tweets is also a necessary part of engagement on Twitter, as it encourages conversation and discussion.

5. Ask your followers for a retweet

Experts state 29% of tweets produce a reaction, so remember to reply or retweet. Amongst these tweets, 19.3% were retweets and the rest were replies. If you wish to boost traffic to your blog, remember to ask your followers to retweet or reply to your updates.

It’s worth noting photos get an average 35% boost in retweets; videos get a 28% boost, and quotes and numbers get a 19% and 17% boost respectively. So consider which alternative media you could include in your tweets to attract more attention.

6. Use lucrative images

Another method to attract interest in your tweets is by inserting compelling images. The more enticing your blog promotional tweets are, the more people will interact with them, and the more they will boost traffic to your blog. However, when attaching a really cool image in your post, make sure that it is totally relevant.

You can even use a visual call-to-action in your posts, because including images yields 650% higher engagement than texts. And posts with videos attract 3 times more links than text-only tweets. Just think what a moving gif would do to attract attention, especially when used in your reply.

7. Advertise your tweets

If you want to go a step further in promoting your blog on Twitter, you could consider Promoted Tweets. This inexpensive advertising option by Twitter means you only pay when a user favourites, retweets, clicks or replies to your promoted tweets. The tweets will also show up in other users’ feeds, apart from your followers.

Interestingly, you can set your Promoted Tweets to target demographics such as interests, geography, device used and even keywords. The average cost for a Promoted Tweet is around $1.35 per engagement, so remember to select your budget before you start campaigning.

8. Insert the blog link in the bio

When your followers visit you on Twitter, they have the opportunity to view your Twitter bio. This provides another perfect opportunity to boost traffic to your blog. Remember to include a link to your blog or website in the contact section of your bio.

If you aim to get more views, shares and likes on your blog posts, you should definitely consider using Twitter. Through organic promotions and subtle social media optimisation measures, and enough work on suitable engagement, you will soon get your desired results in no time.

Are you ready to boost traffic through Twitter?

It’s all very well reading about it, but it is practice which gives you results. If you really want to boost traffic to your blog by using social media, Twitter is a good place to start. 

Share your experiences and stories about using Twitter in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

About the author:

Peter ClarkePeter Clarke is a social media expert and a data analyst. Over the years, he has helped many companies achieve their desired reach and engagements on Twitter, Instagram, etc. At present, he is associated with spell checker , where he supervises the essay writing service , essay rewriter . He also looks after the law assignment help department, by grade my paper  promoting the service on various platforms.

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