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Guest post by Rodney Laws. 

There are many great reasons to boost your blog.

Maybe you want to practice your creative writing. Or connect with like-minded people. Perhaps expand your content portfolio.

Regardless of the inciting motivation, though, there are two truisms that inevitably come to the fore. Firstly, blogs cost money to maintain, and secondly, almost everyone likes to make money.

Therefore, a long-term goal of the average blogger is to turn their blog into a business of some kind. It could be their main business (the primary source of their income), or simply something to bring in some supplementary revenue.

Either way, it’s about finding things — whether products or services — to sell to enthusiastic followers.

It’s a good system, because people who consume a lot of your content may well want to support you by buying from you. But what about when you’ve tapped that market? How do you keep the business going — and keep it growing?

The answer is that you expand the reach to boost your blog to win over new customers, and here are 5 ways to do just that:

Collaborate with other bloggers

The interesting thing about blogs is, outside of certain areas (news, for instance), there isn’t much reason for sites in the same niche to be at odds when it comes to views.

When it comes to sales, perhaps, but not views. Why? Because a fan of technology won’t just visit one site to get their tech analysis. They’ll go to numerous sites with similar purposes.

Collaborating with similar sites on content benefits everyone. All the sites get to expand their audiences, and those audiences get even more content to consume.

Reach out to sites that seem to be doing well and see if they’d be open to working together. You could team up to create some in-depth guides, or just do some simple guest-post swaps.

Share your personal life

I’m not saying you need to share every innermost thought and desire with the readers of your blog. You should (must) have a private life to which they’re not privy.

However, it’s difficult to really connect with readers to boost your blog if you’re wholly unwilling to express yourself and show elements of your real-life personality.

Displaying the things that make your character unique is particularly important when you’re an entrepreneur. It’s a lifestyle that many people desire but don’t quite understand.

Sharing your founding story is a great way to engage people. Explain how (and why) you started your blog, which challenges you’ve faced while running it, and what you ultimately hope to achieve.

Boost your blog by tackling new topics

You may have plateaued because you keep writing about the same core topics.  You’ve taken them about as far as you can (for the time being, at least).

You might also be stuck behind a far more prominent blog from a huge company.  This essentially ensures you’ll never get the first look for any search term you’re both targeting.

If so, why keep trying to get ahead using those topics?

You can still write about them, but throw in some pieces about different topics. Things that might interest your audience, but aren’t so hotly contested in the rankings.

Even if these topics don’t bring in as much traffic as your regular topics, they might bring in new visitors, making the process worthwhile.

Rework your content

Let’s say you’ve built up a large collection of blog posts, possibly dating back years. It should continue to return value through organic visits, but what if it could do more?

What if those posts could be adapted to renew their value and make them feel new again? Well, they can, and it comes down to repurposing.

In addition to updating your content (which is something you should already be doing — for instance, adding to your 2019 pieces to make them 2020-viable), you can rework it to create new types of content.

You can read out a blog post to create a podcast, or record it in front of a camera to create a video guide. Add a few tweaks to freshen things up and you suddenly have fresh content for new platforms.

Embrace social media to boost your blog

If you’re not already using social media to communicate with people in your niche, then it’s about time you changed that. And if you are, then you can surely do more with it.

How often do you contribute to conversations on relevant topics? Whenever people start discussing one of your areas of expertise, you’re perfectly justified to offer the benefit of your experience. Here are some key social media suggestions.

Due to the sheer mass of users you can address through Facebook in particular, it’s a very important platform.

Show that you know what you’re talking about, and people will want to ask you questions. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to impress. And once you’ve done so, you can point people towards your blog, giving you new (and actionable) traffic.

Even when you think you’ve reached the limit of what you can achieve to boost your blog, don’t stop striving for more. With some tweaks to your strategy like those we’ve looked at here, you can do more with your time and bring in a whole new audience.

About the author

Rodney LawsRodney Laws is an eCommerce expert with over a decade of experience in building online businesses. Check out his reviews on eCommerce Platforms and you’ll find practical tips that you can use to build the best online store for your business. Connect with him on Twitter @EcomPlatformsio.

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