Importance of branded customer feedback

branded customer feedback

A guest post by Hamza Abbasi. 

Branding is a business strategy which allows you to reach out for your customer’s attention.

Using branded customer feedback to help your brand to stand out to another level takes it to the journey of progress and success.

Branding is more advanced than just designing a logo, it is also the actions you take to associate your customer’s emotional attachment with your brand.

Feedback and branding

According to research done by Forrester’s “74% of customer experience professionals in the US and Europe said they can generate new product ideas from branded customer feedback.”

Feedback gives you an idea of how well your branding is progressing and yielding results. It tells you whether the message you are conveying about your brand resonates with your customer’s requirements. Also what differentiates you from your competitors and many other answers.

Feedback and its channels

The channels used to collect feedback should ask for ratings, reviews and textual answers to surveys. Also consider emailing your customers directly to ask them about their experience.

Social media is a good platform to collect information about people’s views through branded customer feedback. You only need a post about the product, for example, titan 440 paint sprayer and the comments and likes received will help to analyse its popularity.

The most effective channel to collect direct branded customer feedback is via phone calls and in-person interactions. This can provide you with genuine insights about your product.

10 points to highlight the importance of branded customer feedback:

Following are the reasons you should invest your time and resources in collection feedbacks:

1. Gives an idea of customer expectations

If you ask people about their idea of a specific brand before it is launched, you will learn what they are expect from this upcoming brand.

What is their gut feeling about the brand? What do they thinking of the branding strategy used by the company? This helps to improve the branding for the expected products.

2. Enhances brand’s credibility

More than 90% of the people who are interested in purchasing your products read comments and reviews about them.

Collecting branded customer feedback helps you to earn the credibility and trust of your customer. It also makes them feel engaged with a specific brand if you ask them for feedback.

3. Holds customers back for the future

If customers find a brand loyal to them, they make a positive decision to buy these goods again from the same brand.

When asked for feedback, the customer presumes their opinion is important to the brand. They feel appreciated and if they are satisfied, they will stay by your side before finding other alternatives.

4. Optimisation and improvement of your brand

Customer feedback obtained in the branding phase helps in product development to fulfil the needs of customers and the market.

Feedback tells us what the user of a product wants from your brand. Competition between brands is tough and the only brand which provides improved and optimised products will win the war.

5. Better understanding of market trends

Feedback benefits from multiple objectives, which allows you to analyse, understand and follow market trends. Constantly evolving markets means it’s important to keep updated on trending concepts.

With every new trend, the older get doomed and the customer also turns his back on old products, so it’s recommended to value branded customer feedback and walk accordingly.

6. Identifies happy or unhappy experiences

You need to strive for customer satisfaction and happiness if you want to retain their buying experience. Feedback allows you to see a customer’s journey of searching, selecting and purchasing a product.

You should interact with them in each of these phases to identify the happiness of the customer with the branding experience. If they are unhappy, redevelop your plan to rectify this.

7. Delivers better services

Feedback data from the customers is a holy grail for your brand in delivering better customer service and experiences.  Good service helps to alleviate negative feedback, It urges them to share their experience with your business rather than with other people.

When customers tell you in their feedback about the good and bad sides of your services, this helps you to work on the strengths and weaknesses of your brand.

8. Creates customer involvement

Customer involvement when branding an idea can indicate success in achieving your main goals.

If they are attracted to your product and the idea behind it, make them realise they are the only one the brand cares for and not the profits. This method allows your customers to spread the message to others through Word of Mouth.

9. Makes better decisions

You can make market decisions based on mere guesses in a competitive environment. Whereas feedback based on customer experience, provided this is tangible and handled properly, allows you to make more appropriate actions.

Also a brand should always respond to customer feedback, to let the customer know how valuable their feedback is to the business.

10. Improves ranking of your brand

In local search, reviews arising from branded customer feedback have proven to be a powerful tool to rank your site.  This helps to improve ranking even if your content is not attractive.

According to search engine optimisation, keywords ranked with a city receive a higher rating from Google. This shows how feedback is very important to you.

Ready to use branded customer feedback?

In the above discussion, we learnt the importance of customer feedback in branding. We hope that these points will help you to consider gathering branded customer feedback to stand out in a crowded market.

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Hamza AbbasiHamza Abbasi is a keynote speaker on social media strategy, LinkedIn marketing & social media marketing trainer, MediaHicon digital marketing author.


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