Branding your blog to turn it into a business

branding your blog

This is contributed post by Joseph Peake. 

If you’ve recently started blogging, you’ll probably already have found your online voice and even a niche that your readers are interested in.

Blogging is becoming big business. Many writers are transforming their lives, passions and skills by writing regular updates and pieces of interest in a blog.  This is to entertain and give advice to their followers and readership.

If you are growing your followers and you have a steady stream of traffic to your blog, it’s important that you consider branding your blog to get a clear identity. New visitors should be able to recognise you at a glance from your homepage or your social media channels.

This means you’ll need to invest some time and effort into branding your blog. It’s important to tie everything together before creating a business via your online presence.

Below are some tips and ideas for anyone who wishes to take their blog seriously and see the potential in their identity and brand.

Branding your blog and your voice and niche

If you already have regular followers to your blog, you must be writing content that interests them.

If your blog is an outlet to write about your interests, expertise and talents, you may be attracting like minded people and growing a strong audience. But if you want to push your blogging career further, you’ll need to continue talking about your niche (or niches) and evolve your online voice.

Look at the community that’s already available to you online. There will be plenty of others who have started at a similar time to you and who are interested in the same things. There will also be some established and successful bloggers who you can connect with through social media and blog following sites.

Keep engaging with your audience, and with those who you gain inspiration from. Ask and answer questions, like and reply to comments, and comment on other people’s posts and updates.

By building relationships with the blogging community online, you will let others, who are there for similar reasons, know who you are and what you write about. This will help increase in your monthly visitor rates.

Stick to what you know. If you have insightful and valuable information to share, it’s worth doing this where there are like-minded individuals who want to hear about it.

If your expertise lies in gardening, then you’re unlikely to attract many techie blogger friends at first. But by writing clearly about your passion, gardeners who are looking for tips on healthy roses will soon find your blog for advice.

Branding your blog and your logo

As your blog grows; you may want to look into proper investment when it comes to branding your blog.

If you have a logo that you can utilise across your social media platforms and on your blog or website, people will soon start to easily recognise you. Similar to a business, clear and understandable branding provides a professional touch that will help grow trust in your blog, resulting in an increase in your audience and reach.

Make sure your name, or specifically your blog’s name, is used throughout your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other social media platforms you use. This will avoid anybody being confused as to who you are if they come across one of your posts.

Many hosting sites, such as, can provide you with an ideal domain name. Make sure you choose something that you could easily use in your social channels, as you don’t want to confuse people with messy or inconsistent names.

Think about which words, shapes and colour palettes would suit you, your blog and your combined identity. This will help you choose and design your logo and branding.

If you’re no good at graphic design, it’s worth collecting together any elements you feel would suit your branding and investing in some professional help.

Once you’ve finalised the end result, do a relaunch to let people know about your rebrand or new logo. Your blog will get a boost, and you’ll have more incentive to continue with your blogging career.

Branding your blog and your consistency

You will need to keep up the momentum if you wish to increase visitors to your blog. This means making sure you are consistent with writing posts, and updating your status profiles across all of your online presence.

Readers will soon learn to expect regular pieces from you, so it’s a good idea to plan and write your posts in advance. This ensures there will always be something fresh to draw in the crowds. And this is the same for the search engines too.

You can get help with managing your social media by using management software. This will enable you to keep on top of regular updates. Find out more from sites like

If you are really serious about blogging in a business sense, it’s worth investing time and effort to make it the best it can be. This way you’ll reap the rewards you deserve.

Why not tell us about branding your blog in the comments below.

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