10 smart ways to earn or build backlinks to your website

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A guest post by Ethan Taylor.

To increase SEO ranking and drive traffic to your website, you need to build backlinks as a significant ranking factor on Google and other search engines.

Quality backlinks from high authoritative domains can increase your SERPs and improve the website’s visibility on search engines and boost ranking.

Building good backlinks is undoubtedly a tricky business – but not impossible. This guide will discuss some effective link-building tactics to attract more legitimate backlinks for your onsite content.

10 surefire techniques to build backlinks

1. High-quality content

You cannot write random content and expect others to link to your website. It should be unique, well-written, and valuable. Your content reflects your brand, so if the quality of content is not up to standard, other brands won’t treat your site as authoritative.

So what content gets more shares and backlinks? A few types include:

  • List Articles: These are written in numbered lists to help readers scan through the critical points and read the interesting parts.

Example: 5 rewarding ways to boost your academic productivity

  • How-Tos: Articles about how to do certain things are popular among readers. These are reader-friendly and bring great backlinks.

Example: If you write a blog on “How to Save Money for Your Wedding,” it can get linked to budgeting websites, wedding websites and wedding planning agent websites, and more.

  • Definitive Guides: Definitive guides explain to readers about a topic without getting into confusing detailing. You can create definitive guides on trending topics relevant to your industry to attract more links.

Example: A Beginner’s Guide To MLA Citation

  • Quizzes: I am sure a lot of you have tried quizzes like “what pizza are you” or “which colour reveals your personality.” These are fun and engaging. If you want to create quizzes to get backlinks, make sure it’s relevant to your niche.

Example: If your site is about dogs, you can create a fun quiz like “Answer 5 questions to reveal which dog breed you’re most like.”

2. Guest posts

Guest posting is the practice when bloggers write free content for other sites in exchange for backlinks to their websites. Such links are primarily mentioned in the author bio or to cite crucial data in the post.

High-quality guest posts can do wonders for your website if you use the strategy correctly. Start by shortlisting some good websites within your niche using advanced search operators. You can spy on your competitors’ backlinks to narrow down the guest post contributors.

Another way to find authoritative sites accepting guest posts is to do Google search with specific search phrases. For instance: Topic keyword + guest post. If you are looking for a writer for lifestyle content, you can type Lifestyle + guest post to explore new opportunities.

3. Skyscraper content

Skyscraper content is another backlinking strategy used to find existing popular blogs or articles, improve them, and duplicate the backlinks.

Let’s say you want to write a blog on digital marketing institutions. Type “digital marketing institutions” into the Google search bar, and you will get the most popular options with the most backlinks on the first page of the search results.

Pick an article from any of the displayed results and target to write 10 times better content with more information, stats, and data, and add high-quality images missing in the original content.

Once the new and improved article is ready for publishing, use a backlink checker to identify the original backlinks and reach out to them. Pitch your superior quality content and encourage them to link to your content.

4. Infographics

It wasn’t long ago when readers preferred reading long, in-depth articles. But now, the majority of online readers prefer short write-ups in points or infographics.

Infographics are the graphic representation of data or information and currently are the most shared content format online. Most prefer visual data – it’s easy to follow and share – no wonder the demand for such content format has spiked over the last couple of years.

If you are choosing infographics to build backlinks, be careful with the topics you choose. Go through various trending topics to analyse what readers are engaging with or sharing on different platforms, and then select a topic. Focus on collecting quality information, which attracts more bloggers and publications to link their content to yours.

5. Broken link building

Broken links often lead the visitors to a 404 error page or a page that no longer exists. It reduces user experience and makes it challenging for search engines to index websites.

Broken link building can not only resolve this issue but also help you earn better links. With this strategy, you can find the broken links of other websites. Because you’ve helped them identify broken links, you might get rewarded by creating content and linking it to your website.

You can use broken link checker tools like Copyblogger or Check My Links to identify pages that aren’t working. After identifying the issues, give direct information to the webmaster and make it easier for them to fix them.

6. Testimonials

It’s not unknown that all businesses love to showcase top client reviews on their homepage. Many also have separate pages for customer testimonials. But how does it help you in earning backlinks?

Start by listing out the products or services of the targeted website. It would be best to write about products or services that you’ve used. Go to the website and write a positive review stating your experience of using the product or service.

Check if they have an email address and reach out to them. This will help you build backlinks without even asking for one. Don’t forget to mention in your email that they can share your testimonial on the homepage or testimonial page, as those pages will give your link the highest exposure.

7. Link reclamation

Link reclamation is when a writer mentions a product or service of yours in a larger narrative. Instead of waiting for them to add your link, you reach out to them requesting one if they haven’t included it already.

Using a tool like BuzzSumo can help you stay updated every time someone mentions your brand. Even though most of the time writers include links, there are times when the link is missing.

You can write to them, complimenting them for the mention and write-up, and request them if they could add your site’s link to help the readers locate you quickly. Don’t be too persistent. Be friendly and thank them before signing. 90% of the time, it will bring you positive results and maybe a few powerful backlinks.

8. Help a reporter out (HARO)

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a brilliant platform for earning high-quality backlinks on websites with high domain ranking. Here, you sign up as a source and receive source requests. Every request includes the article’s headline, journalist’s email address, topic category, deadline, website address, and details of the kind of information needed.

Of course, you cannot contribute to every request. Carefully scan through the emails and pitch for the request relevant to your industry or expertise. While answering the reporter’s query, make sure you mention the link to your website in your contact details.

With HARO, you may not be guaranteed to receive backlinks because the reporter will have many other sources pitching ideas. But when you do, you will be linked to some of the top-ranking sites on the internet.

9. Influencer marketing

Today, influencer marketing is more popular than ever. More and more businesses include it in their marketing strategy to reach out to the target audience and generate revenue.

When you rope in an influencer for social media marketing, they promote your products and website, write about you, share posts on different social media platforms, and more. It may seem like an expensive option to get backlinks, but it can get affordable too.

Work with micro-influencers who have followers from 10k to 100k. They can help you build engagement and backlinks at affordable rates. Look for influencers who promote sites for free goodies. Weigh out your options and choose the best one for maximum benefits.

10. Analysing backlink gap

Conducting a backlink gap analysis will help you identify the sites that link to your competitors but not you. When you find such sites that link to most of your competitor’s websites but not yours, the chances are high that they can also link to yours – if you give a valid reason.

The process can get pretty simple with the Backlink Gap tool. With the device, you can see the pages and domains linked to your competitors’ sites. Carefully analyze what made them link to your competitive websites and how you can make changes to your site or content and create backlinking opportunities with high authoritative sites.

Are you ready to build backlinks?

The list of tactics you can use to build backlinks is endless. However, the correct method ultimately depends on how you have earned links, all these while, how your industry operates, and what tactics your competitors use to gain backlinks. Nonetheless, if you use the techniques mentioned above and plan out your strategy well, you will get a competitive advantage.

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