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A guest post by Jamie Waltz. 

There can be hardly any doubt about the fact that a business brand image with thousands of strong, loyal users is the biggest asset upon which all its growth prospects depend upon.

Well, branding is the key to success in any business. But how to build a business brand image from scratch? Does it need hiring high profile branding strategists?

Does it need spending a lot as part of the marketing budget? Well, none of these seems to be effective if a business doesn’t have the basics right.

We live in the era of smartphones and reaching out to the customers require no big media ad spending and outdoor ad campaigns. So we can inquire about making the right moves with mobile marketing.

Yes, by utilising the power of mobile marketing, we can build a sustainable image and branding that keeps the growth story rolling for a company.

Let’s figure out where the key steps to building a business brand by utilising mobile marketing.

Designing the logo and app icon right

You may consider it to be a too basic step, but it is no less than elementary. When it comes to logo design that represents a business brand image in its entirety, there are few different approaches:

  • Symbol or an image that symbolically connects to the brand value is often used as a logo.
  • Logotype or letters representing the brand name in a visually appealing manner is another way to create a logo.
  • Lettermark or initial letters of a business brand are also used as a logo.
  • Combination of any two of the above can also make a logo.

Now your app icon in most cases is likely to be different from the business brand image logo. Since an app comes as a solution to the user problems, they cannot visually refer to the same brand logo. The app icon should boast of its own value proposition. But at the same time, it must maintain a correlation with the brand logo. For already well-known brands, it is rather easier to present the business logo within the form of the app icon.

Know your customers first

App marketing is tougher now since the audience is much segmented. And every app is focused on a particular niche and audience type. In such a scenario, if you don’t have a precise idea about your target audience, you simply stand no chance in the competition. Way before your app is launched, or when the app is still going through development, you need to carry out extensive market research and find out who are your ideal users.

Since every app is a solution to one or more than one problem, ask who needs your app and for what purpose. Now define the user in terms of demographics, needs, preferences, taste and typical user behaviour attributes. A mobile app development company orients the app with user needs. It creates a user persona or a fictitious user character representing most of the common attributes of your target audience group. To create the right user persona who can guide your marketing strategy, you need to ask the following questions:

  • The key pain point or matter of distaste most of your users point to.
  • iOS or Android, what OS most of your users use.
  • The kind of web content your users prefer.
  • What monetisation model mostly they prefer with other apps?
  • Do your users engage with in-app ads and promotions?

There are many other aspects that you can gradually know about your users through continuous audience research. When you create the right user persona based on this research, you can market your app better.

Unleash a landing page or website for the app

Many apps get a good number of downloads referred to by their mobile websites. Have a fully-fledged mobile website for your business that guides your users to an app download. This should have more streamlined user experience can be a great way to boost app installs.

Through a mobile website, you can also do extensive content marketing. You should target popular search terms and keywords to be found easily by the audience. You can also create a landing page to generate leads and grab emails that can be used further for retargeting users.

 Using the right keywords

Content marketing is a must to reach out to your target audience and boost the visibility of your business brand image. So you need to target appropriate keywords that can easily enhance visitor footfall in your website and thereby can boost app download numbers.

Using a keyword planner or a keyword research tool is a great way to utilise your resources for optimum gain. If you want to build your mobile website footfall and thereby want to increase app downloads, targeting most searched keywords for enhanced visitor footfall is a must.

How do you build your business brand image?

App marketing is far from a static thing. You always need to evolve and take proactive steps as your business brand image becomes more prominent, and your app becomes popular. All your app marketing manoeuvres should not lose focus from the user experience, which makes the core value of any app offerings. It would help if you continuously rolled out updates with improvements from time to time.

About the author

Jamie Waltz is a senior mobile app developer at  Square Root Solution – mobile app development company in Ireland offers various range of services. He loves to write and read various topics of app and web development including app development technologies, Frameworks, IDE, AI, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, and more. Keen reader and passion for writing makes him create content that helps readers and adds value to his knowledge. 

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  • Branding is difficult, because I have to work in the subconscious, not simply sell good products anymore.

    • Yes, you’re right. Branding isn’t only about pretty logos, but how you are perceived by your customers. Talking about your brand on social media is about what your customers think of your business as well as the products or services. Do social listening to find out what they are saying before joining in with the conversations. Take note of their ideas, questions, grievances or suggestions and use these to improve your brand to help them.

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