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A guest post by Niju Prem. 

Chatbots have become one of the most important aspects of business.

In these digitally enhanced times, customers expect to find what they’re looking for at a click of a button and in the blink of an eye. Chatbots are made to ease the pain industries are facing today. Their purpose is to support and scale business teams in their relationships with customers.

Chatbots like Chatgen are used to convert your site visitors into potential buyers. The automation of customer FAQs is very reassuring. You can answer more relevant queries after chatbot qualification and convert your site visitors into potential customers very quickly.

Traditional methods

Usually you would create a form or host a landing page with a form to collect lead details. However, the quality of the leads is something you have no control over, and people don’t enjoy the process of filling in forms.

Even if the form is successful, you might miss something vital or be unable to immediately attend to them. This could lead to situations where visitors cannot remember why they filled in the form in the first place.

Message might even fail to reach you because of spam filters. This is when the inbox recognises a lot of similar formatted emails and marks them as spam. It considers this  coming from an automated system as opposed to a personal email.

How can chatbots help you?

Sales automation mechanises manual, time-consuming tasks using software, artificial intelligence (AI), and other digital tools. It aims to manage responsibilities sales reps and managers do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

ChatGen helps you gain real-time data of visitors. It books meetings and populates your calendar, and integrates Google or Outlook calendars to receive notifications as well.

Lead scoring is automated to prioritise your sales reach with an option to integrate to all popular CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics). ChatGen creates customisations which suit your brand and help it to flourish even when you are asleep.

The biggest issue chatbots solve is engaging with visitors from the start. This stimulates an assigned flow which answers any queries, freeing up human admins to only chat with the best leads.

Chatbots can be embedded anywhere within a website to create a conversational landing page via the famous chat icon. When clicked on, it starts the chat to continue the process. It can collect the visitor’s data 24×7, collecting data even when one sleeps.

Why ChatGen?

ChatGen takes us to the next level of customisation by delivering contextual chatbots for different web pages.  A pricing page could have a different bot than the one for feedback, their visibility settings controlled as per visitor need. And most importantly this is all possible with a single account.

Conversational sales/support should be a vital part of a website. Its automation achieves better operational efficiency and solves operational problems, such as an agent not being available, preventing unprofessional communication, booking appointments without clashing with the existing agent’s calendar, and automating follow up emails immediately after the chat has finished.

ChatGen’s latest integration for WordPress provides a chatbot for each blog post, even in the basic version which is free for anyone to use. The digital world has already started migrating to chatbots, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at Chatgen’s WordPress plugin.

About Author

Niju PremA Computer Engineer by profession, Niju Prem is interested in learning and helping people in the digital world. He believes that the time is near when almost everything will be handled by bots. Outside of work you’ll find him reading and clicking pictures of everything.

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