Improving your website during client slowdowns

client slowdowns

A guest post by Magnolia Potter. 

The COVID-19 virus has devastated small businesses and caused client slowdowns, with millions of businesses in danger of closing permanently.

Those who survive and even thrive in this unprecedented time are the companies which use this downtime to focus on their businesses, improve their processes and make things better.

One task that seems to be put on the back burner often is improving your company website. After all, when you have a lot of clients and traffic, it’s not a good time to take the site down or make significant changes.

The drop-off in business traffic due to the coronavirus may be the perfect time to review your website and make sure it’s properly optimised, secure and designed for maximum impact. Here are some steps you can take!

Broaden your customer base

If you’ve lost clients due to the pandemic, think about customers who are more resilient during economic downturns who you can appeal to. How can you break into those markets and start serving them?

A good starting point is to think about the businesses that have been deemed “essential” in this pandemic. These vital services are the foundational services our society will always need. If you can serve those businesses with your goods or services, you’ll be much more stable in difficult times.

Think about what you offer and how you can tailor your services to meet the needs of clients in essential services and industries. Start your outreach right away — it will pay off in a big way with new clients now and a more stable business in future emergencies.

Review your website security

Technology changes every day, and this includes website security. As new security software is released and updates are made, hackers find new ways to compromise websites. It’s vital to keep your site secure so that even in client slowdowns, clients feel comfortable and confident as they browse.

Your level of security also shows your professionalism as a small business owner. When you’re on top of security, new clients are more confident you are on top of other details as well.

Since so much traffic comes from mobile devices, ensure your security on mobile devices is just as strong as your security on desktop computers. When you do, you’ll be protecting all of your visitors rather than just a few.

Review your website design and optimisation

Another back-burner item that you now have time for is reviewing your website design. You’ve likely not had time to really think through what would be best, but client slowdowns have given you a great opportunity.

Brainstorm or work with your design team to identify problems you or your clients have had with your website. Clearly define each problem with possible solutions. You can test these solutions as the country opens up and your business traffic returns.

The results of the tests will help you understand more about your customers and how they interact with your website. This is valuable information which can help you with your marketing on every platform!

Improve your blog and add new content

Finding time to review and improve your blog can be a big challenge when business is busy. This is why client slowdowns can be the perfect time to review your content and see what you can do to optimise and improve.

Start by looking at the design and content of your blog. Use SEO tools to discover what terms you currently rank for, and consider what content you can create that will improve your position.

Thinking of planning on bringing in new customers from different industries? You’ll also want to broaden the appeal of your blog and consider which keywords are most relevant to those essential industries. Then all you need to do is optimise your website accordingly. A little love and attention to these details can give your blog a new lease on life!

Diversify your business to minimise risk

Freelancers or those with multiple clients often find they have a more secure work situation than their traditionally-employed friends. After all, many of those friends lost jobs outright when this pandemic hit.

As a freelancer or client-based business, you may have seen client slowdowns, but you probably have at least a few clients who are still with you. You may also have been able to prospect and gain one or two new clients as well.

The more diversified your business is, the better. Many freelancers find they can earn more if they specialise in specific industries, but that has to be balanced. Otherwise, you may find yourself overexposed to particular ups and downs that can hurt your business.

Review the risks your business faces, and see what you can do to minimise each one. By making backup plans, there’s a lot you can do to protect your company.

Take the time to improve during client slowdowns

The pandemic and associated business struggles have been very stressful for small business owners. It’s easy to feel helpless.

Instead, take advantage of the downtime as an opportunity to handle projects you usually don’t have the capacity for. When business returns, you’ll be stronger than ever!

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