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A guest post by Marko Domljanovic. 

If your website is down for some maintenance issues or you’ve not finished creating it, using one of the Coming Soon plugins is essential to let your visitors know what’s going on.

Visitors need to know they’ve arrived at the right place, and still be informed the website is not operational at the moment.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins which offer you a wide variety of options for under construction or coming soon pages. Use these to create an aesthetically pleasing page, all in tune with your website’s theme.

They can even allow you to maintain contact with potential clients even when your site is down. There is no need for coding skills – the best Coming Soon plugins are all incredibly simple and very easy to use.

If you have the need for such a plugin, here are a few excellent examples. Do check them out because they can make your life a whole lot easier.

1. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is one of the Coming Soon plugins which are incredibly easy to use. It offers more than one MILLION high-quality images, all of which are completely free.

Not only that, you will also be able to choose between dozens of themes. This means that you really should have no problems setting up a coming soon or under construction page for your website.

But there’s more! The plugin will also help you with your SEO optimisation via various tests and checks. Now you can be absolutely sure you are in the best possible position to start raking in that precious traffic.

And more features mean you can pay for the plugin once to get lifetime access to it. Or you can pay for yearly access which can be cancelled whenever you want. No wonder more than 90,000 clients have decided to make a purchase.


2. UnderConstructionPage

Another one of the very easy Coming Soon plugins is UnderConstructionPage.

This also has more than one million images for you to choose from. Just drag the one you want and drop it in the appropriate slot.

However, there are also more than 200 templates here, with a few new ones being added every single week. In addition to coming soon and under construction pages, you can also use this to set up your sales and landing pages.

This plugin helps you build a one-page site from scratch! And track your traffic! The biggest package is more expensive than the one in the previous entry, but if you want to build a new website…

Furthermore, you can get a full refund if you decide the plugin is not what you need within seven days after purchasing it, which seems really fair. The fact that this was downloaded more than 3.5 million times says all you need to know about the product’s reliability.


3. Maintenance

The Maintenance plugin has a lot of things to play with. Such as uploading your logo to your maintenance page, adding a blur effect to the page’s background and even translating the text to one of more than 100 languages!

You can also set up events and bookings, plus automatic responses to engage with your visitors immediately.

Google analytics is also supported, and you can ignore certain pages and not put them in the maintenance mode, which can be very useful.

What is also great about this plugin is that it has a free version. This allows you to see how it works before committing any of your money. Given all the features mentioned here, this seems like a great deal.

coming soon 2

4. WP Maintenance by Florent Maillefraud

Another one of the Coming Soon plugins that allows you to fully customise your maintenance page.

However, apart from uploading your logo and background pictures, choosing colours, text and all that standard stuff, with WP Maintenance you can also set a timer that will count down to the moment your website is back on.

This is useful for a couple of reasons: you tell your visitors exactly when they can expect the site to be up, and you create a bit of hype around it too.

Social networks and Google Analytics are also supported, and it’s quite interesting that you can allow access according to several parameters: IP address, ID pages, Roles and Capabilities.

In addition, a contact form and a newsletter option can be inserted as well, making sure you maintain contact with your visitors from the second they come to the page.

coming soon 3

Summarising Coming Soon plugins

As you can see, there are plenty of good Coming Soon plugins out there for setting up under construction or coming soon pages.

Actually, they’re not just good, they’re excellent! It is quite obvious that a lot of thought has been put into creating every one of them. Especially when you take a look at their features and how they help you and your website grow and stay in touch with the visitors even when the site in not running.

Keep in mind when choosing a plugin for a particular purpose, as these can offer you a whole lot more than just simply creating a page with a pretty picture on it. Analyse what your needs are and then see which one suits you best.

And remember the fact that since many of these are premium products (sure, there are free plugins out there, too), this should not dissuade you from using them. When used properly, the benefits of these plugins far outweigh the costs.

About the author

Marko Domljanovic is a translator who also loves WordPress and everything about web technology. He is a regular author at WebFactory Ltd who loves to test new themes, plugins and write about them.

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  • Amar Kumar says:

    Hello Marko & Alice,

    During the development of a new WordPress website, I highly recommend using a coming soon WordPress plugin.

    Displaying a coming soon message is a great way to build up interest in your upcoming launch, and will also prevent visitors from seeing your unfinished website.

    WP Maintenance Mode is really sounds amazing and you know there is support for Google Analytics and the main content area can be edited using the WordPress visual editor.

    Eventually, thanks for exploring these valuable plugins for us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    • Thank you for your comment Amar. What I liked best was one of these plugins could be adapted for email gathering purposes or, with a bit of extra imagination, a one-page site. Is this something you would use it for?

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