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A guest post by Claudia Jeffrey. 

Commenting is one of the basic approaches for getting website traffic. Along with social media marketing tips which help in gaining website traffic. This guide shows how blog comments and social media marketing can help SEO experts in 2023 bring more traffic to targeted websites.

How commenting helps SEO

Commenting can help publicise blogs at a wider level to get larger audiences to them. Write in a conversational tone help to build relationships between blogger and reader. Moreover, blog commenting is a highly cost-effective link-building method which helps to improve your ranks in search engines. Let’s have a quick look at how blog comments help in gaining traffic. Also, here are some tips to improve your blog commenting practice.

Tips and guide for more traffic

Boost your website’s traffic

Commenting on the post regarding its information and presentation will always be helpful for the website’s traffic. Comments are part of content marketing strategy, where having long-term keywords help in boosting traffic. Also, blog commenting for backlinks helps in building a strong network for the industry.

During the blog commenting sessions, bloggers and blog commenting websites together benefit the maximum exposure and generate maximum interest among the industry followers.

Help build backlinks

Blog commenting for backlinks is known as the strongest strategy for SEO marketing. Whenever readers of the blogs comment on someone else’s website, it will link and backlink to the website. And as a result, the publisher gets enough traffic on the website.

Increase your social shares

Viewers and readers play a vital role in building the website’s traffic. For example, if a reader comes to your blog, you can increase the reach of your website by sharing it in social platforms. Comments with the right keyword and quality content will always be the best thing to re-share the blog with friends and colleagues.

Develop relationships

Whether publisher or reader, developing a relationship between them helps in getting positive results.

Internal linking opportunities

Whenever you answer the query of the readers, it is important to add internal links to your answers. You can both add blog pages or web pages. Internal links not only increase traffic, but also improve the performance of your website.

Brand recognition

Blog commenting is always done on the specific niche, and the attention of the target audience is a must. So, whenever a person reads the blog of his interest, the content, and the brand name, it will be easy to memorise.

Impact of social media for website traffic

Reaching customers is one of the important things when it comes to the website’s traffic. It is important to understand what are the sources of traffic for the website and how readers can reach blogs to increase the website’s performance.

Use Google Analytics to get an accurate number of people who are visiting your blogs, but sometimes AI algorithms do not show the accurate picture, as people come from organic search and don’t get influenced by it. Maybe this type of reach cannot be counted.

As per recent research by, less than 1% of the audience visits the website through social media URLs. And this shows that there is a minimum number of direct approaches through social media. It is also found that social media does not show how much traffic a website gets.

But it doesn’t mean social media isn’t worth it. There are still 18% of the audience who rely on social media reach. People get influenced because of social media marketing strategies that will never go wrong.

The main motive is to get traffic and improve the website’s performance. Whether you have a strong social media source or quality blogging on your website, social media offers great value when it comes to the website’s traffic.

How SMM can boost website traffic

It is important to know how social media marketing can help boost website traffic. Here are some important points that will help you out.

Boost content performance

One of the great ways to boost content performance is to share your content on the social media platform. If you are not doing this, you might be losing the opportunity. If you post it on SMM, you will get enough traffic and positive signals from viewers.

More opportunities to get backlinks

Google looks for quality backlinks, not quantity. If you have posted your content, you might get viewers if the content is of good quality and effective for the readers. You will get more opportunities to get backlinks, but that doesn’t mean approving all of them. You need to block or report some of the unwanted and toxic backlinks.

Gives a different perspective

Social media provides opportunities, but different perspectives as well. Like people can read your blogs from different points of view. Then how will you handle your brand with different channels, and how will you interact with your users?

For this, it is important to get help from relationship managers who are already working on it to resolve your query.

Maintaining a good profile for more traffic

To get more traffic, it is important to work on your SEO strategy, but with the search engine results page. Do not only work on your social presence but also your brand, content and tone are important to get traffic.

Also, work on building trust. As many brands have reliable and trustworthy people in their firms, it is necessary to see if you have bought trustworthy resources. In short, you have to build a good online reputation for getting results on your hardworking websites.

How’s your commenting and SMM management?

The above information is shared about commenting and social media marketing tips that will be a must for the SEO experts to get increased traffic on the website. All the points are relevant and helpful for both beginners and experts.

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Claudia JeffreyClaudia Jeffrey is currently working as an Editor at CrowdWriterUK. She has previously worked as a Digital Marketing Expert at the same firm. She loves to play guitar and often travels solo to enjoy the beauty of mother earth.

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