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How commenting benefits bloggers, and why you should do more of it!

Here is a blogging bride that has got her priorities right!

In a recent interview I did, I mentioned the importance of commenting even over blogging. This is a great way of drawing the right kind of attention to yourself even before you start writing any posts.

This infographic below shows the importance of how commenting benefits a blogger, even when they aren’t blogging.

And I hope this bride’s new husband knows what he’s in for…

The benefits of commenting on blogs

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Get’s you noticed

Every bride wants to be noticed on her big day! Especially when such an effort has been made with the dress and the flowers. It would be a big shame to not tell everyone about it.

And of course you will need to speak to everyone who’s come to the wedding. Such as saying little nice things about what they’re wearing and asking after ‘Auntie Flo’ who couldn’t attend.

Commenting benefits bloggers who flit from blog to blog spreading appreciation and proving you’ve read the post by writing something worthwhile that everyone would want to read.

Build relationships

Weddings are the ideal event to make new friends, especially from the groom’s family. You will never know what a nice bunch they are until you start to talk to them.

A good tip here is to listen as much as you want to talk yourself, or you may miss something vital. Making new connections is about learning as much as you can so you can work out how you can help them.

Commenting should involve searching out new blogs to build a relationship with their authors. This is done by leaving constructive and worthy feedback on their posts. Commenting benefits bloggers who do this with the best of intentions.

Reciprocal visits

Weddings usually have a reception afterwards to feed the guests. This enables them to meet, mingle and have a good time celebrating the happy couple.

If you manage to strike up a good rapport with some of the guests, they may wish to exchange telephone numbers or addresses to meet up at another time.

Similarly commenting benefits bloggers who leave a contribution that makes a good impression. The blog’s author and other readers are then more likely to click onto your blog’s link to read what else you have written.

Makes you read

A weddings is a great opportunity to put on your best clothes to socialise in a convivial atmosphere. There are usually all sorts of interesting people at this kind of reception, especially after they’ve drunk a glass of wine or two.

As the evening progresses, you’ll be able to listen to fantastic stories, delicious gossip, understand how everybody is related to each other and probably learn something new you didn’t know before.

To be able to comment effectively, you need to read the post carefully and thoroughly beforehand. This action will make it easier for you to contribute something relevant, suitable and worthy that enhances the post.

Generate new ideas

You can learn a lot from listening to other people, whether it’s general knowledge, the latest gossip or merely a catch up about the welfare of others.

This can get quite interesting if this results in quite deep discussions, especially from Uncle Jack after he’s had too many brandy and sodas.

Take time to read and respond to the other comments as well. This may enable you to gather some excellent ideas. And the resulting comment could be rewritten in full as another post on your own blog.

Showcase your expertise

Some people love to exhibit themselves at a wedding. If karaoke is on the agenda, here’s a chance to show off your exceptionally fine voice! Failing that, the dexterity of your moves on the dance floor.

Gathering with people you know provides an opportunity to share your knowledge, if only to impress the groom’s father or to counteract Uncle Jack’s drunken rants.

Commenting benefits bloggers, allowing them to showcase their expertise. But only in a way that improves the other readers’ lives as a result. Relevant and relatable content is vital if you want to focus on achieving the best results.

Enhance your credibility

Being on your best behaviour at a wedding is generally good advice, though there are always some people who don’t heed this. If you can supervise those who have had too much to drink, or even mend family rifts and matchmake likely couples, you’re on to a winner.

This means focusing on the main question and not getting sidetracked by other events. You may lose out on some of the fun, but you can bask in the glory of helping people and not getting yourself into a similar situation.

Commenting should also be part of influencing other readers that you know your stuff and should be taken seriously. But this can only be done by providing relevant and constructive feedback that benefits everyone who reads it, and is welcomed by the blog’s author.

Adds value

There is always at least one personality at a wedding that makes a real difference to the whole event. It may be a matriarch figure, a jolly fellow having a good time, or even a quirky vicar fluffing his lines.

This is why many different kinds of people ought to be invited to spice up the wedding reception. This helps vary the types of characters available to talk to. The best events always comprise of a good mix of guests that aren’t confined to a seating plan.

Your comments should also consist of appropriate quality to get them noticed. Commenting benefits bloggers if your contributions are written to rise above the others, especially if they provide valuable information or suitably enhance the discussion.

Creates backlinks

Families always relish a good wedding. Here’s the chance to catch up with relatives you haven’t seen for a long time. And to see how the children are growing up and to meet new arrivals.

A wedding brings together people who may only have exchanged Christmas cards for the past few years. In today’s world we tend to lead isolated lives, so a family gathering rekindles relationships again. This can only be a good thing.

Submitting a comment also allows you to leave an acceptable link back to your website. If others approve or like what you have written, they are much more likely to click on that link to visit your website. Thus commenting benefits your blog’s traffic by increasing it with relevant visitors.

Attracts search spiders

A vibrant and bustling wedding after-party is always enjoyable and contributes to the guest having a good time. Lots of good music, a welcoming dance floor, a sumptuous buffet and plenty of drink marks a good occasion.

The guests will arrive expecting a good crowd as well as plenty of activities. The bride’s family are well known for their entertaining, so this wedding is the must-go-to-event of the year.

Blogs that attract a lot of comments instantly are considered popular by the search engines. This is because they are programmed to think popularity means good content. And if the comments also contain relevant keywords, this certainly will be the case.

Now it’s your turn

Let me know what you think about how commenting benefits bloggers, especially when compared with a wedding. Sometimes it’s a good idea to look at things from another slant, so you get a different perspective of the world.

And share this post with your friends, so they also have the chance to voice their opinions as well.

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