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There are many ways to accomplish the same things. This is also true for building WordPress blogsites.

At the end of the day, you want to do stuff that is the easiest for you. Being bogged down in complicated procedures when you don’t know what is going on can be confusing, time-consuming and off-putting.

I have a friend who has built up a successful business around printers. He has achieved this by focusing on the areas that bring in the most returns. He doesn’t bother with troublesome and outdated facets of his niche, as the time taken outweighs what he can earn from it. This may be cruel for those who still use those products, but efficiency is the order of the day, and concentrating on the more profitable aspects of his business has brought in the best results.

With blogsites it is the hosting packages that matter. Many hosting companies will say they are compatible with WordPress. In their eyes, if WordPress can be safely installed and used using their system, then they are compatible.

If you are thoroughly technical, then which method you choose to install WordPress probably isn’t an issue. But for me, and a lot of my clients, this could present itself as a problem. We want to use a system that installs WordPress with just one click. We want all the database installation and other technical stuff done for us. We want to be able to upgrade our contents and plugins also with one click. We want reliability and good functional processes, with no worries about how to do it and what to do when it all goes wrong.

That’s why I use a hosting package that uses Fantastico. This application allows me to install into my server with no extraneous functions. I can install WordPress using the traditional methods, but it takes time and requires technical know-how, and if I am going to pass on WordPress blogsites onto my clients, they need to be able to use, upgrade and backup as easily as possible.

This means any hosting package that doesn’t use Fantastico is not considered by me. In this busy world, and with non-technical clients, we have no time available to be battling with technology when the answer has already been created and is available at no extra cost.

So whenever someone approaches me to create a blogsite for them, and says they have already bought a hosting package, my heart often sinks into my boots, as the ‘compatible’ host for WordPress usually is only what I call ‘semi-compatible’, resulting in a waste of time and money. Stick to the systems that work best, which Fantastico certainly does.

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