Content marketing trends for business websites in 2019

content marketing trends

A guest post by C.R. Venkatesh. 

The digital marketing world is a constantly evolving industry with new tools and strategies emerging faster than you expect.

Therefore, it is always necessary for website owners to look back and consider what strategies worked and those that need to be adjusted. Now we have just started a New Year, it is wise for marketers to ponder on their marketing strategy for the next coming years.

Already, there are a few content marketing trends that are predicted to shape the way businesses will promote their content in 2019. This article will discuss these emerging trends and give you an outlook of how the industry will look a few months from now.  Follow through for the 2019 content marketing trends and tips for business websites.

1. Incorporating Al-driven tech

At the moment, most people’s lives have already shifted online with ordering groceries and booking appointments online being the order of the day. As a result, it has become crucial to keep business at the same pace with this growing speed of customer engagement.

In 2019, we expect chatbots to grow further to the point of becoming normal even to consumers. In other words, we will see them become more usable and spread over many businesses. They will be the first place customers will head over to when they want to book appointments or even order things.

2. Internet streaming to catch up to TV

Today, people like watching live content as it makes them feel part of the event. This is why the use of live videos on various platforms including Facebook and Instagram has made waves in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Live videos give people the opportunity to interact with their brands, while to the brands, it is a great way of humanising itself and giving its users a more personal experience.

Since TV commercials are rather expensive and are no longer yielding the same good results they once did, live streaming will be the order of the day in 2019. For those TV type ads, there are TV-type commercials for digital streaming services like Hulu which have a wider reach and costs less compared to traditional TV.

3. Extra short video ads

As we have said before, video has become increasingly rampant on the Internet thanks to its ability to convey visual information. While marketers should consider adding digital video ads to their marketing strategy, 2019 is expected to see a rise in the use of extra short video ads.

This is because longer videos have been found to be less likely to keep users engaged for longer. According to statistics, more than 89% of the people seeing a video ads are normally engaged only during the first 10 seconds.

For this reason, you should expect to see a rise in the creation of extra short video ads in content marketing in 2019.

4. Increasing use of voice search

Voice search is one of the content marketing trends that have been on the constant rise in the past few years. In fact, statistics state that more than one-third of Google’s 3.5 billion internet searches have been voice searches.

2019 predicts the figure will have risen from one third to more than half of all the searches on Google. In order for businesses to remain successful in the coming voice search age, marketers will be forced to reorganise their content marketing strategy and make it also well suited for voice search.

To do this, you will need to expand your keywords in your website content to include those ones that reflect how a person would speak a search.

5. Visual search becoming bigger

Machine learning is one of the emerging trends that have been taking online searches to new levels. Apart from voice search, visual search is also expected to become more usable in 2019.

Currently, big brands like Google and Microsoft have already started being focused on developing this new trend. But how does visual search work? Rather than typing text queries into search boxes and getting image results, visual search involves pointing your phone’s camera at an object in order to find text-based information.

This feature will identify objects within that particular image and then proceed to search for all images that are related to particular those objects.

6. Rising of the social

CEO with fake news hitting the internet every now and then, it is becoming significant for company CEOs and top executives to become more social. While only 40% of CEOs have been reported to be currently on social media, in 2019 the figure is expected to grow promptly.

When CEOs are social, people get to hear news straight from the source which in turn boosts the brand’s reputation and trust. But how will the CEO make his or her voice heard? Some content marketing trends suggest the best ways to achieve this are tweeting from their own personal account and posting on the company blog.

7. AR and VR for brand awareness

Website users in the present day want to be engaged while at the same time remaining active participants in brand messaging. Thankfully, Augmented and Virtual Realities will be able to help website owners to satisfy these needs of their customers.

Currently, many big brands are already using these technologies to sell their products as well as in creating brand awareness. IKEA in particular has been using VR gaming technology enabling its customers to try out their various solutions before buying them.

Thanks to their usefulness, these two technologies are expected to become increasingly common for brands as a marketing tool in 2019.

Content marketing trends conclusion

While each and every year new content marketing trends emerge and dominate the industry, a few of them reshape the digital marketing scene while others just fade away. Therefore, it is only wise to experiment with them in order to adapt your business to newly available technologies.

While at it, ensure that you by no means abandon those strategies that have worked for you in the past. Starting to incorporate these 2019 content marketing trends and tips as early as now will ensure that you stay ahead of the game and in turn have an edge over your competitors.

About the author

C.R.Venkatesh C. R. Venkatesh, CEO of Dot Com Infoway, handling the entire team of professionals with experience on small as well as the large integrated projects. Dot Com Infoway, 360° App & Web solutions company that turns your ideas into world-class products and helps you reach your target customer.

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