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Guest post by Clara Smith. 

What is blogging?

The term ‘blog’ is a contraction of the term weblog and one of the oldest forms of online content. Most blogs represent an array of personal opinions, events and experiences by both professionals and amateur writers.

Blogging is a popular online activity for many creative-minded people.  It is for writers to vent their emotions and explain their perspectives to the online masses. Blogging platforms are one of the easiest ways to showcase journalists’ or freelance writers’ ideas on the web.

There are many blogging platforms for bloggers to air their opinions. They can also write informative guides, recounting different events, publish revealing articles and much more.  Some of the most popular blogging platforms in existence are:

  • – The most common self-blogging CMS used across the web
  • – One of the best traditional blogging sites that allow users to post different kinds of content
  • – The best blogging website builder out there and a close competitor of
  • Facebook – The most popular social networking platform is also a blog site with the largest audience
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the hub of businesses, professionals, job seekers and more. It is one of the best places to blog for any business as it caters to a myriad of industries and sectors.

Blogs need managing

Blogging is still going strong, despite being one of the oldest forms of content creation on the web. It will remain a force to be reckoned with, well into the future. Especially with advent of new blog site developing applications such as And the plethora of blog management tools and utilities out there.

CoSchedule is one of the leading online content and marketing management platforms. It allows bloggers to manage their blogging sites in a holistic and ad-hoc manner. This application offers a wide range of facilities to bloggers, online marketers and web content writers to:

  1. Publish proactively and regularly in an organised manner
  2. Help bloggers reach a larger audience
  3. Effectively schedule delivery and publishing of posts
  4. Drive more traffic to the site and generate better conversions

This article is all about how CoSchedule can boost a blogger’s productivity by allowing them to deliver better quality content in quick succession.

Manage blogs better with CoSchedule

Blogs can be tailored as per requirements and can serve numerous purposes.  They can provide backlinks to websites or be just a personal blog for relaying one’s major life events. However, every blogger strives for more traffic, bigger exposure and a larger viewership. And, besides quality content, proper management and organisation are essential for generating more traffic. This is where CoSchedule comes in.

CoSchedule offers effective blog management. It will help turn a haphazard mess into a well-organised blog. It also assists in the brainstorming process and promotional process as well.

Here’s how CoSchedule helps bloggers to do this:

Storing budding ideas

CoSchedule offers the option to maintain a treasure trove of ideas for a blog. Writers can build these repositories for handy information and ideas. CoSchedule provides numerous content themes which help bloggers brainstorm for content ideas.

CoSchedule’s IdeaBin offers a wide variety of content themes to stir creativity. Writers can click on the ‘Ideas’and on the ‘+’ button to add new ideas.

IdeasBin for CoSchedule
CoSchedule IdeasBin

Scheduling content publishing

CoSchedule’s Calendar facility helps writers’ idea process to stimulate creativity. The integrated calendar keeps your entire social channels active, making it extremely easy for bloggers to publish content:

  1. Writers add content to their CoSchedule Calendar, and the application will publish it at a scheduled date and time. Seamless content planning is one of the biggest reasons behind CoSchdeule’s popularity
  2. The Calendar can schedule and reschedule to save time. The drag and drop option allows bloggers to instantly reschedule the publication of posts and its social messages
  3. Bloggers can map a schedule for publishing posts proactively. Such as curating new content, publishing routine messages and generating promotional messages
IdeasBin for CoSchedule
CoSchedule Calendar

Managing WordPress blogs

CoSchedule can ease the publication process in WordPress though its unified editorial calendar. This has the potential to boost productivity for writing, publishing and regularly promoting quality content.

There is a standalone plugin which synchronises seamlessly with WordPress websites and is accessible via the WordPress dashboard.

Seamless integration with multiple platforms

Another remarkable feature of CoSchedule is its easy integration with several social media channels. Bloggers can now share and publish their content on several social media channels. Also the app works with data analysis, processing and warehousing platforms to determine the effectiveness of a post.

Such seamless integration allows for a smooth, undisrupted workflow for everyone. CoSchedule’s analytics tool helps users to determine their success and refine their blog publication strategy.

Social sharing automation

Every freelance writer, academic tutor or professional blogger wishes for a more extensive readership and an increase in traffic. Timely publication of quality content is critical for the post to gain maximum exposure and reach a broader audience.

  1. CoSchedule automates social sharing through its ReQueue utility to increase traffic. Newly written posts can be added to ReQueue and CoSchdeule will publish them at the best time by evaluating trending topics
  2. ReQueue automates everything. The application takes into account the entire calendar schedule to prevent duplication or publish too many posts at short notice
  3. CoSchedule’s inbuilt integration with social networks helps bloggers share multiple posts across different platforms

Social Campaign Templates

CoSchedule is one of the very few social media tools to offer customisable message sharing templates. This allows bloggers to reuse well-planned and effective publishing schedules for their future posts and promotions. 

  1. CoSchedule’s Social Campaign and Social Templates allow bloggers to turn a successful blogging campaign into a template. This can be reused later on for future posting to recreate a successful campaign and maximise traffic
  2. Creating new templates and applying existing ones is quite simple. Everything is completely automated, as CoSchedule writes all content, messages, and links all on its own, on the application of any pre-saved template
  3. Social Media Campaign Templates allow bloggers to implement their most effective blogging schedules in their future posts and re-taste success


Using catchy headlines to attract more clicks

CoSchedule’s headline analyser is a handy tool integrated into the Calendar. It allows bloggers to determine and choose the perfect headline for their social post. The tool allows writers to play around with different words and understand the probable impact on their audience.

Headline Analyser

CoSchedule is a boon for bloggers and all writers. Its useful management utilities make everything hassle-free, from brainstorming new ideas to organising promotions. Its different features help writers stay focused and makes organising publication schedules a breeze.

Whether it’s WordPress blog or social media content, CoSchedule is the perfect tool for bloggers to do more in a short amount of time.

About the author

Clara SmithClara Smith is a professional blogger, content writer and online marketing honcho who hails from Montana, USA. She is the brains behind numerous successful social media ad campaigns and the writer of several popular online articles. In her free time, she loves to trek and write as a freelance essay writer at

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