5 simple reasons why you should use customer feedback or reviews

customer feedback or reviews

A guest post by Kerrie Haynes. 

A common question business owners come across every day is: “Do you know what your customers think about your products and services?”

Analytics provide us with all sorts of insights into what our prospects want from our business. But for business owners, there is need to get straight and honest answer from your customers. This is what is called customer feedback or reviews.

Any online business knows how important it is to take the time to get customer feedback. It helps you understand the WHY in what people are doing. When you gather the customer feedback based on analytics, it becomes easier to get a clearer picture of what’s happening. Then you will know where the problem lies and how to fix it.

In this section, we will look at 5 reasons why you need to consider customer feedback for your business.

1. Influences buyer’s decision to use a certain product

When customers review a certain product and find positive reviews, they are more likely to be convinced to buy what you’re selling.

For business owners, it means having positive reviews from your customers can help you win more new customers in future. Negative reviews from customers also show why the customer disliked your business. These ideas combined show that customers’ reviews can influence the decision of prospects when they want to purchase a certain product.

2. Increases the conversion rate

When your business has more reviews for a certain product, it translates to high conversion rate. On the other hand, bad reviews can also have a positive effect on your conversion rate. This is because a combination of good reviews and bad reviews is a clear picture that you aren’t trying to hide anything. They make you look more real and sincere.

If you have only positive reviews, customers are likely to get suspicious about your product. So, the more reviews you have, both good and bad, the more products you’re likely to sell. This is as long as the negative reviews don’t overpower the positive ones.

3. Help other prospects build trust for your business

Most consumers make an opinion about a business by reading other customer’s reviews. Studies show that about 9 out of 10 consumers determine whether they can trust a business or not after reading just 10 reviews.

So, for businesses to remain relevant, they must have a strategy to maintain their reputation. Similarly, they need to monitor what customers are saying about what they have to offer. Most consumers look at the top 10 reviews about a business, so it’s important to monitor reviews and focus on generating regular positive customer feedback.

4. Proves how genuine a business is

The fact remains that people trust genuine reviews. Also, they trust reviews as much as they personal recommendations. But this is only if they’re true reviews, not fake ones.

The truthfulness of the reviews is a critical factor in business, as people will always read reviews. If customers sense that a review seems too good to be true, they may take note of that and that single review may sway their decision.

5. Boosts on-site ranking

Customer reviews can have a positive impact on your company’s organic search rankings on Google. For every new review that your product gets leads to an increase in the amount of unique content your site has to offer on that product.

This means higher authority, more relevance, and most of all, a higher chance of getting your pages ranked high. This will boost your results and you will experience a higher conversion rate. It’s a good chance to give your business more search visibility.

Does your business show customer feedback?

Online businesses are becoming a perfect way to make money. But business owners must be keen to ensure that they get positive customer feedback to grow their businesses. Customer reviews seem to be a critical part when running a business online. They may be the reason for the failure or success of your business.

So let us know in the comment box below your experiences of having, or not having, sufficient customer feedback or reviews and how this has affected your business.

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Kelly HaynesKerrie Haynes is a final year student at the University of Oxford. She is a young journalist and likes to write about education as it is one of the important things in life. You can find her at https://myessaywriting.co.uk.

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