5 killer marketing tips for building customer loyalty

building customer loyalty

A guest post by Maryn Mcdonnell. 

Building customer loyalty translates to a successful business. Acquiring customers can be expensive. Experts describe this as being 5 times more than retaining the customers you already have. Loyalty marketing is one strategy that encourages your customers to come back to your products or services repeatedly. This is better for your business. Let us have a look at the marketing tips that will help you increase customer loyalty to your business.

1. Make a meaningful blog for your brand and products

People tend to read on blog posts more when they want more information about a particular brand. It is important to write a blog post about your brand and products to give your customers something to find out more about your brand and product. Provide links to your blog posts on your ads just a click away from the customer’s eyes. Provide meaningful content in the blog that goes in hand with exactly what you offer.

Make the blog post brief and to the point and it should be interesting to read. It should communicate your brand and products in a way that is helpful to the existing customers as well. The trust they gain from the information you provide will definitely increase customer loyalty. Make use of bold statements that demonstrate the authenticity of your brand and products.

2. Run a targeted PPC campaign

Consider advertising your business using PPC to increase sales. The self-service, pay per click advertising platform enables you to create and launch search and display ads that show at the top or bottom of a search results page.

Through Google Adwords, your company appears on the search result instantly and capture the not yet attended to customers to your website. PPC campaign takes your marketing efforts to another level, increasing trust levels to your brand and therefore maintaining your customer loyalty as well as inviting more to your business.

Google Adwords do not translate to immediate sales, its pure advertising and therefore the quality should match up the products or services you offer. Make sure you clearly state your offerings and give customers a reason they should click on the ad. It could be that you are more reliable, affordable or dependable. It is important to focus on advertising your business using PPC to increase sales and to create your brand awareness.

3. Clearly communicate and market your core values

The first thing to do in any business is to gather information about your customers. Once you have done that, the next important step is to build your brand’s identity. A good and strong brand should go in hand with your customer’s needs. Express your core values and it should capture what inspires and motivates you. Present your core values as part of the solution for your customer’s needs. Identify a cause to align your company with that is important to your target audience. You will be in a better position for receiving customer loyalty.

4. Come up with working outreach processes

To ensure the successful business you need to delight your customer’s needs. A good way to do this is by implementing outreach processes at every stage of your business. Embrace email campaigns, provide helpful tips to your customers and recommend resources even after they have made a purchase.

It costs less to maintain a customer than it is to acquire a new one. Providing them with helpful content would delight and keep your loyal customers happy at all times. Send them a downloadable guide or an eBook both before and after they make a purchase. Sending them helpful content will make them feel cared for even after you have made a sale. Keep in mind that returning customers are very important and can help bring in more customers through referrals.

5. Make customer service your priority for customer loyalty

Customer service is a reflection of how much you value your customers. Many customers evaluate how they interact with a company’s staff and make a judgment about your service. Therefore, staff should be friendly, helpful, efficient, and professional. You should ensure timely response to customer queries on social media which should be done within an hour. It is important to make sure that your customers are keeping the high scores of your service at all times.

About the author

Maryn Mcdonnell is a creative content writer. She spends her days working closely with many international companies including Noria, a full-service digital marketing agency in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her interests include travel, self-improvement, and technology. Find Maryn on Twitter @MarynMcdonnell

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