How to defeat procrastination and start blogging

defeat procrastination

A guest post by Claudia Jeffrey. 

Blogging is one of the fascinating pastimes individuals have opted to do now as a profession.

There are a variety of topics a blogger can write about according to his or her interest. Blogging is not only centred on individuals, organisations have vastly profit from it as well. Evidence suggests companies get 67% higher leads every month due to blogging.

Now we know the benefits associated with blogging, it is also essential to know how to defeat procrastination a writer can face. This is when a blogger finds it difficult to stay motivated towards their task and will waste their time in useless activities. Ordinary things appear to be a hindrance, and as a result become more daunting.

Therefore understanding the real cause of procrastination and knowing how to overcome this has gained quite a popularity among writers.

Let us look at a few of the essential elements associated with this. Reading articles to find out more about the right way to blog can help significantly. This would help us to understand our potential, allowing ourselves a better understanding of what we should adopt to help defeat procrastination.

1. Prioritise your work

With an ever increasing to-do list, keeping your mind on a single task can be difficult. This results in people finding lame excuses to not blog, of which most of these are not important and a waste of time.

Have a proper focus to avoid spending time on useless activities. The best way to stay focused is to know what is important and when it needs to be completed. Schedule a timetable to concentrate more on what pays you a handsome amount at the end of the day.

Avoid giving yourself unattainable goals which are too tough to achieve. Carve out short periods of time which are more accessible and therefore achievable.

2. Create a list of the reasons why you blog

Do you find yourself overburdened with negative thoughts and unable to be motivated to work? Start writing down what will help defeat procrastination to improve your way forward.

Understand why blogging is essential. Draw up a list of what will keep you on the right path instead of wandering about wasting your time. Knowing your blogging goals will keep you motivated, and enable you to produce high-quality work. This list will guide you to do your best, and help you to meet your deadlines.

3. Create a ritual

Procrastination can be seen as a block. Developing some sort of ritual could also help you significantly overcome this. A routine acts as a guide which reminds you about your priorities. You ritual could include things such as lighting a candle, or playing a music album you listen to the most.

For instance, if you write about academic writing services, use a book or a novel as a method to help yourself to stay motivated on your task. As a result, you would become more productive and can perform your tasks with ease.

4. Blog on a topic you’re passionate about

You need to associate blogging as a profession you find pleasurable. Break the norm and write about topics which fascinate you in 2020 to help defeat procrastination.

Things will get better if you write about what interests you, as you will undoubtedly enjoy it more. The process of writing will no longer seem like a chore, and you will find yourself in a much different state.

5. Increase the external reward

Once you place the right rewards in front of you, these make your life more comfortable and convincing to achieve them. Clarify things by understanding why you are carrying out this particular task. Set goals which are achievable and an inspiration, to keep you motivated on your work.

Set up strategies which offer rewards to help you stay ahead and focused on your target. Provide yourself with a direction you can follow without hesitation. Being optimistic about your task makes you more productive at blogging.

6. Note new ideas

It is a good idea to know the interests and preferences of your audience, as this helps increase potential readers for your blog.

Working on new and creative ideas helps you to interact with your readers. Keep a list of possible and trending blogging topics which you have gleaned from your readers. This will make you more enthusiastic about what you are doing.

So whenever you find yourself procrastinating, start writing what you think will fascinate your readers the most, from what you have gathered by talking to them. Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to ask questions. Note down the things which they want to know more about. These reviews and comments will help you to regain your lost motivation, allowing yourself to defeat procrastination.

7. Break it down into smaller pieces

As discussed earlier, the more you stretch your goals, the more it is difficult to achieve them. Therefore it is better to break them down into small sections, making them more easy to do.

The big tasks always look so daunting and threatening, and most people will avoid these even before starting. Breaking your schedule into subtasks allows you to achieve them in a shorter time frame. Setting achievable targets will help you save a lot of time.

Optimise your blog by implementing critical SEO strategies to help you rank faster on search results. Below are a few things which could significantly help you with your blogging:

  • Research article topics which interest you and your readers.
  • Create an outline for the blog post, so you don’t miss anything out.
  • Develop each idea in turn with the relevant keyword in mind.
  • Write an introduction, conclusion and a catchy title.
  • Edit and proof-read the blog post.
  • Format the blog post and add some relevant images.

8. Create a blogging checklist

It’s important all bloggers understand the need of a proper structured frame. This allows you to collect your thoughts and present them appropriately. Make a checklist to help you include everything relevant in your first draft.

Having a clear picture of your ideas enables you to write catchier words. You need to use the kind of words your readers expect to see, along with a healthy mindset which allows you to adapt to their way of thinking.

How do you defeat procrastination?

It all comes down to the choices you make for yourself. This depends upon your intent in doing a particular task. Regardless of any hardships, you should be able to keep on track and search for something to help you.

Understand that digging a bit deeper will significantly help you, rather than just letting things slip out of your hands. It is always better to search for something which motivates you more and avoid things which take you away from your task.

About the author

Claudia JeffreyClaudia Jeffrey is working as a Research Analyst at Crowd Writer and trainer at Dissertation Assistance, a platform where students confidently buy dissertation online. She likes to guides her readers using her experience, opinions and the latest knowledge. She wants to work for the welfare of the new generation.

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