Delivering Video Content: Top Tips

Delivering video content

A guest post by Hannah Stevenson.

Video is becoming a favoured way of delivering content because it can hold a viewer’s attention better than textual content.

Video also has a very high return on investment compared to textual content. If you are thinking about using video as part of your marketing strategy or as SEO content, here are some tips for delivering video content in the best way in a digital environment.

Avoid large files

Focus on keeping the size of your videos small. Many people will have enough internet bandwidth to watch larger files. But some might not and you will be doing a disservice to the second group.

Luckily many platforms which deliver videos of different quality depend on a viewer’s internet speed. So the overall file size they download is usually not large.

However, you will still need to consider the size of the video, especially in the context of ease and speed of uploading its file.

Keep it short

The best videos are about 5-10 minutes long. However, this rule is flexible as delivering video content can be longer than this, especially if you are covering a difficult subject.

The reason videos should be short is because most people have short attention spans and will zone out if the video is too long. Also a longer video provides space to ramble instead of being succinct, which might result in being boring and turning your audience off.

Keep it casual

When delivering video content, it is always best to keep things professional. However a lot of people come across as too stiff. This is usually because they use clever words and difficult terminology in an attempt to seem more knowledgeable and informed.

Videos’ scripts need to be written in a conversational style. Make it sound like you are talking to a friend by using words found in normal conversation. The exception is when talking about technical subjects, as these require more long and difficult words.

Invest in a good delivery platform

If you want your video and content delivery to go smoothly, it’s worth while investing in a good video delivery platform.

Over-the-top (OTT) platforms help you deliver your videos faster. They also ensure your media is compatible with different devices. This will enable you to diversify your audience’s viewing options.

OTT platforms from providers like Red Bee Media also provide important features like video playback, broadcast-quality videos, audience analytics, monetisation options and a lot more. Red Bee Media’s OTT also offers ultra-low streaming latency. And when a live broadcast is done, it is available instantly as video on demand.

Use editing liberally

If you are creating videos yourself, you will need to learn how to edit them. Editing your videos allows you to take things easy, because you know you can remove any blunders during the editing process. You can also use editing to add additional information, B roll or intros and outros later as you see fit.


It is always a good idea to run through your script a few times before you hit the record button. This is so you know the script well enough to enhance your delivery. Rehearsing also helps you to appear prepared and professional, which is what your audience will appreciate.

You can also do a trial recording to see how you come off. This allows you to learn where improvements can be made to ensure your delivery carries more weight. This first recording will also help you get rid of any nerves which might ruin the final presentation.

Ready for delivering video content?

Delivering the best video comes down to preparation. If you are well-prepared and spend enough time creating the video, it will show through in the result and your attempt at delivering video content will be well-received.

About the author

Hannah StevensonHannah Stevenson is an experienced Content Marketing Manager and copywriter who enjoys creating engaging content. She’s a former journalist, who now blogs and writes full-time. She uses her experience in the copywriting, researching and SEO markets to inform readers and share her knowledge with professionals from across the corporate landscape.

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