How to effectively present digital marketing skills in your resume

digital marketing skills in resume

 A guest post by Aditya Sharma. 

After the digital revolution, traditional marketing techniques migrated onto digital platforms. This means digital marketing is now the most effective way of marketing. With its increasing popularity, demand is also booming rapidly.

On top of that, digital marketers have the potential to earn USD 60,000 per annum with as minimum as 3-4 years of experience. This hefty amount also attracts a lot of candidates to pursue digital marketing as a career.

So, there is plenty of opportunity, and the money is good. But how do you apply for a good digital marketing job amongst tough competition? You need to create a stellar resume which stands out and impresses the recruiter at first glance.

Here are four essentials for presenting your digital marketing skills in your resume.

Make the professional experience section seamless

The professional experience section is the most important section for your digital marketing resume. It explains your skills and accomplishments in your previous roles. So ensure the professional experience section perfectly conveys your expertise to hiring managers.

Tips for creating a perfect professional experience section:

  • Use single-line bullet points to lay out your expertise and job responsibilities. These are highly scannable and easier to read.
  • Avoid creating points around duties and responsibilities; instead develop bullets on skills and accomplishments.
  • Show 2-4 relevant bullet points under skill subheadings. The idea is to bring 2-3 relevant experiences under a single broad skill. For example, a digital marketing profile can have subheadings named “ Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Marketing” or “ Market Research & Campaign Management”.
  • Avoid vague statements such as “Played a key role in managing Facebook advertising and generated results”. Provide statistics and numbers when possible to back up your statement and highlight important words and numbers. For example: “ Managed a budget of USD 70,000 to run digital marketing campaigns and successfully increased sales by 30%.
  • Use the STAR format to write the bullet points in your resume. STAR stands for situation-task-action-result. This format enables you to paint a clear picture of your work experience in the recruiters’ heads.

Check the example below to see the professional section of an excellent digital marketing resume:

resume example 1

Create a separate key skills section

Your resume should include a separate section for key skills to include all digital marketing-related skills in one place. It allows recruiters to quickly scan through the section and see if the candidate possesses the relevant skills or not.

Only add the key skills which are relevant for the job you are applying for. Some skills such as data analysis or payment management may not be required for a digital marketing job. Try to construct the section by keeping in mind the job requirements.

If you are highly experienced and have specialised technical skills, you can create two separate sections. One for your key skills showing core digital marketing proficiencies and transferable skills. And a technical skills section, where you can mention the tools and frameworks you are proficient in.

For example, check the example of the key skills section below:

resume example 2

Add relevant keywords for digital marketing skills

To apply for a digital marketing job, you need to customise the resume for the specific job profile. This will increase your chances of getting shortlisted by the recruiters.

Here are some tips to add relevant keywords to a resume:

  • Read the job description carefully to identify the keywords from the job description and jot them down.
  • Read your professional experience section to identify your skills and write them down.
  • Compare the two lists to identify the common keywords in both lists. These are the relevant keywords for your digital marketing resume.
  • Add these keywords throughout the resume, professional experience, key skills, and summary section.

These keywords will help you get past the applicant tracking system quickly and increase your chances of getting shortlisted by the recruiters.

Optimise the professional summary

A resume summary is the first thing a recruiter reads. So this needs to include your digital marketing skills and career accomplishments to entice them to continue. It also plays an instrumental role in conveying the experience of a candidate upfront. For example, if the job description specifically says the position is for professionals with 2-5 years of experience, you can easily add this information in the summary section.

Here are some tips to optimise the summary section of the digital marketing resume:

  • Start the summary section with years of experience followed by job title.
  • Try to wrap up the summary section within 3-4 lines.
  • Place the resume summary at the top of the resume, below the resume header and contact information.
  • Do not write the resume summary with first and second-person pronouns.
  • Use phrases such as ‘highly skilled at’, ‘adept at’, ‘proficient in’ to start each point.

Example of digital marketing resume summary:

“Hubspot certified 5+ years experienced digital marketing professional with a stellar track record of brainstorming and implementing various marketing strategies as part of generating revenue and catapulting business growth. Proficient in managing budgets of thousands of dollars to run social media advertising campaigns for bolstering brand awareness. Highly skilled at conducting A/B testing to optimise the marketing practices to increase ROAS.”

 Key takeaways

Here are some of the key takeaways from this post:

  • Optimise the work experience section with single-line bullet points and statistics to showcase your skills and accomplishments.
  • Always write your work history in reverse chronological order.
  • Add keywords from the job description to optimise the resume for applicant tracking systems.
  • Create a separate key skills section to help the recruiters quickly gauge your skills.
  • Wrap up the resume summary within 3-4 lines and start the summary with your years of experience.

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