The hottest digital marketing trends which will shape 2021

hottest digital marketing trends for 2021

A guest post by Edwin Deponte.

The digital ecosystem is ever-evolving while it adapts to the demands and habits of consumers.

Last year was another example when a pandemic crippled a large portion of the world’s population. Brands scrambled to keep up to adapt to the new normal, and the one thing which  helped them do this is digital marketing.

If 2020 taught brands one thing, it is unprecedented change can happen. This is why marketers must be able to adapt to the current state of digital marketing trends. You’ll never know how changes in society and trends will affect how consumers see your brand.

We live in a time where staying relevant is key for brands to garner attention and eventually earn a profit. The best way is to have the best digital marketing game. This article will help you achieve this by learning which hottest digital marketing trends will shape 2021.

Search intent

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of digital marketing. If this is part of your marketing strategy, you must learn about search intent. Search intent is the goal consumers have in mind when they search about anything online. It’s conveyed through the words they use or the keywords on their queries.

Search intent, as one of the most important factors in SEO, will continue to evolve in 2021. To emphasise its importance, Google updated its algorithm back in 2019 by dedicating it to understanding search queries. Now Google can interpret intent from all kinds of natural language queries.

According to comprehensive retail keyword analysis by Moz, there are four primary search intents: informational, transactional, commercial, and local. Google Data also found that brands which targeted search intent saw an 80% metric lift compared to brands which targeted demographics.

To make your SEO efforts stronger, focus your content creation on targeting search intent. You should also target keywords based on the four primary search intents.

Zero-click search results

People want fast gratification when they go online. You can acquire the information you need quicker online, which is why consumers turn to search engines. This is the principle behind Google’s zero-click search results.

A “zero-click” search result is meant to provide the answer a user is looking for without spending time clicking links. These search results account for more than 50% of all Google searches. Google has become more effective in delivering zero-click results by providing featured snippets and informative graphs and statistics.

However, the caveat of having direct answers to search queries is the reduction of the click-through rate (CTR), which means lesser traffic to websites and fewer conversions. But, it’s still an SEO evolution to watch out for because of its rise to popularity.

Programmatic pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

The next evolution towards PPC efficiency is artificial intelligence (AI). Programming PPC ads is the digital marketing trend to follow in 2021. New automation technologies incorporated in PPC can predict CTR and conversions, which will help a lot in messaging and overall ad strategy.

Automated PPC is making digital ad work more efficient. 84% of surveyed marketers reported machine learning is streamlining PPC work. Working on digital ads takes a lot of time, so marketers are looking for ways to simplify it, and it seems like they’ve found one.

You should find ways to automate at least the time-consuming aspects of your PPC campaigns. You can start with bidding, which is faster and doesn’t expend much on customer acquisition.

Social media

You can’t talk about digital marketing without tackling social media. It’s another continually evolving aspect of digital marketing which produce trends brands can use to promote themselves.

Due to the worldwide quarantines and lockdowns caused by the pandemic, social media usage is up for all demographics. It’s seen to carry over in 2021, with influencers and brands capitalising on this trend.

Be sure to stay updated on current events and trends on various social media platforms. You might come across something or someone that can help you boost your metrics.

Video marketing

Video is the king of content in this digital era. It will remain unstoppable in 2021, even though there are numerous methods and formats for audience engagement today. It’s the safest bet to make if you’re planning to change your strategy.

Video is also part of Google’s efforts to provide zero-click search results. You can optimise video content for SEO by choosing an attention-grabbing thumbnail, keyword-focused description, and excellent transcription.

Aside from Google, you can also use TikTok to market your brand. It’s the sixth-largest social media platform globally, and according to Marketing Charts, more than 37% of its users have a combined household income exceeding $100,000. These numbers show that TikTok has appeal, and consumers who use it have money to spend.

What will you do with these digital marketing trends?

These digital marketing trends will make their marks this year. Keep your eyes and ears on anything related to each, for there might be changes that’ll happen as 2021 rolls on. Be sure to see if you can capitalise on them if you can to give your brand the competitive edge it needs.

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