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How brutal is combining digital marketing and social media?

A guest post by Brijesh Vadukiya.

For a business, marketing is a valuable forte. However, it is difficult to track traditional methods of business this way. However, digital marketing can trace its campaigns through online methods to drive better results.

Marketing conducted on digital devices like computers, smartphones and tablets is known as digital marketing. This targets potential customers via online platforms to spread awareness about the company or brand. Nowadays, various marketing tools cater to a vast business reach.

Digital marketing is a must for businesses

Consumers seek information about brands, products and services online, especially on social media.

A restaurant business looking for a virtual platform would research popular and effective food delivery apps. To most benefit his business he will take into account social presence, contents, followers and other things.

Social media provides this massive audience. In January 2021, Statista estimated around 3.6 billion active social media users in 2020. This is predicted to reach 4.41 billion social media users in 2025.

Social media indirectly paves the way for search engine optimisation, opening several avenues for digital marketing. Let us dive deeper to know the answer.

How social media blends with digital marketing

Trends in social media highly affect digital marketing. This provides marketers and small businesses data about their consumers which can be used for customer engagement strategies.

Expand social signals

Social media is continuously active. It allows users to share content to attract potential customers. A brand can increase its social signal with consistent posts, active interactions with followers, and strong quality content useful for consumers.

Businesses monitor activities on social media about their brands, customers’ interests, and reform their business ideas accordingly. They can follow several social media marketing strategies to gather presence on their content, ultimately to their brand.

Continuous and instant customer interactions

Brands communicate personally with social users through chatting and video calling. This two-way communication allows them to interact with customers to reach out to customers as part of crisis management.

Customers prefer social platforms to communicate with brands, as this is convenient, quick, and flexible. Brand need to be present on all platforms which their customers prefer, especially if they want feedback. A personalised touch enhances the customer’s experience and helps builds brand loyalty.

Brilliant SEO strategies

Social media doesn’t directly affect website search engine ranking. Links shared on several channels will direct traffic to your web pages through indirect means. A successful brand has to be present everywhere so customers can reach them easily.

Social media thrives on sharing quality content. Search engines like Google rank social likes, shares and comments found on social media. In search engine result pages (SERP), most pages benefit from maximum shares on social media.

Consumer intelligence

Consumers reach out to brands through social media and vice versa to explore consumer’s interests. Pinterest is best for reaching a female audience for brand awareness. Around 60% of users are women and they find what interests them in this single platform.

Social platforms reveal valuable data about prospective interest for brands. Product buying rates are analysed based on shared and posted online content. This helps with interesting prospects and drive micro-targeted campaigns using segmentation strategies.

Just like Pinterest, brands can group similar audiences based on their services or products to target them, based on age, gender, locality, etc.

Low investment

Social media is a cost-effective way of marketing. It is free to sign up and gathers viewers much quicker than paid marketing. However, it is smart to focus on expectations from small targets.

Social media marketing saves with other marketing investments. Investing your time with a plan of action can bring notable business profits. Focus on a low investment method with a high return of interest in your business.

Mark definite oppositions

Anyone can make their presence on social media. Brands should keep an eye on competitors to make a significant impact in the market. Knowing the field and analysing its power and reach is important for survival.

Competitors should never be underestimated. Social media allows constant surveillance on them from anywhere on the globe. Even following them allows you to adopt your competitors’ strategies, but in better ways.

Makes brilliant collaboration

Undoubtedly, social media is a powerful platform. It gives business a great opportunity to seize these platforms to their fullest. In digital marketing, social apps provide the easiest way to market with a huge presence.

This depends which methods they pursue to rank in the crowd. Consistent posting of content in different forms can attract potential consumers. It provides multiple benefits like better SEO, a mass audience, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, low-cost investment and many more.

How do you combine social media and digital marketing?

There is no denying social media and digital marketing can do wonders for entrepreneurs. A remarkable brand’s presence in multiple socialised platforms can foster business revenues. It would be most beneficial for emerging businesses to start acquiring these platforms as soon as possible.

About the author

Brijesh VadukiyaBrijesh Vadukiya is the tech activist, blogger, and internet marketing officer of Elluminati Inc for more than three years. My major concern is to educate people who are interested in technology. He is fond of writing useful and informative content that helps brands to grow business.

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