Do you always say what you mean?

Here is a podcast called Twang that I have created unedited, because in real life nobody edits what you say, especially when you’re in public.


In 2013 I’m experimenting with unprompted communications, developing conversations online in a selection of media, and not being afraid of the results. Here I am talking about words that are used out of context, exploring my misuse of vocabulary, and comparing words used in different parts of the country.

It’s also about expressing myself in a more spontaneous manner. In the past good ideas have melted away because I didn’t write them down, or acted impulsively to save them. Creating a quick audio of my thoughts is extremely easy to do, takes no time at all, and by accepting its defects and publishing it as soon as possible, my message is given a lease of life it probably wouldn’t have.

And here it is, warts and all. If you are inspired by its meaning, leave me a comment in the box below.

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