10 effective ways to drive more traffic to your blog

drive more traffic

Guest post by Jasmine Demeester. 

Blogging is fun yet competitive. However, it will take time to attract visitors, and if your writing is good enough, you will drive more traffic by creating valuable content for your audience.

No matter how good you are at blogging, traffic fluctuates, shifts, rambles, and dwindles. So you need to have different strategies up your sleeve like the ones in this blog to show you how you can increase your blog’s traffic 3 times or even more in 3 months.

1. Understand your audience first

Who will read your blog? Your readership. What do they want? Quality content that resonates with their search. Want to attract more readers to your content? You need to build and grow your audience base.

Whenever you come up with a content idea, think about how your audience would benefit from it. Remember it’s always more about them than it is about you.

2. Be topic specific

As a dull topic could repel visitors to your blog, use Google Trends, Buzzsumo, or Twitter Trends to search for the latest news. You will have to be more specific if you want to respond better to your audience.

Avoid getting stuck in a rut because you are unable to come up with a good idea. Here’s how you can get 93 blog ideas in 10 minutes. Everything is possible, you just have to be prepared to work at it.

3. Storify the content

Hook your readers in with a mind-bender. Give your audience a metaphor or a code to crack. Make your audience twitch with an anecdote. Why? To encourage them to read more of what you’ve written.

Storytelling provides an incentive to connect with your audience at peak interest. Awaken their attention to the point they feel themselves on the same level, and can relate to what you say.

4. Analyse your headings

However, creative and engaging your content, the main heading needs to be attractive to your readers. Go to CoSchedule to learn about quality headlines and how these perform in social shares, traffic and SEO.

This tool gives a more in-depth look at compelling headlines in terms of grammar, structure and readability. It also offers free suggestions to improve your headlines within a few minutes.

5. Look good visually

Would you like to read a blog without visuals? Definitely not! There is nothing more soul destroying than being fronted with a wall of text without images, subheadings and any other readability guidelines.

Visuals help to connect perception, which helps to drive more traffic to your blog. They improve retention rate, especially within social media platforms. Use platforms like Canva to help you create interactive visuals.

6. Get quicker off the mark

A blog which takes too long to upload will have about 47% of its visitors leave, because they expect it to become readable within 2 seconds. Optimise your site’s speed with GTmetrix.

Your blog needs to be minimalistic and as straightforward as possible. Remove anything unnecessary, such as unwanted plugins, and compress your images using Imagify or Kraken.

7. Schedule, regulate and restructure

Schedule your posts with a consistent frequency to ensure your posts attract the attention of your audience. Regulate posting sessions and trace traffic metrics by analysing content posting and times to drive more traffic.

Encourage more interaction by commenting and adapting your blog’s vocabulary to suit your audience. Alexa can help analyse your audience via demographics, content analysis, web traffic and more.

8. Connect with your blogging peers

Increase your blog’s presence by connecting with other bloggers. Search for those in your niche and start commenting on their posts. Email to admire their blog and ask about contributing to their site.

Do the same for guest posts to drive more traffic back to your blog, especially organic results and social media shares. Show a deep interest in them first to avoid pitching cold and blind offers, which could easily be deleted.

9. Pay attention to long-tail keywords

The higher the keyword search volume, the more robust the competition. So when writing about selecting the best food for your cat, using the keyword ‘best cat food’ won’t help you rank better.

The best strategy is to use Ubersuggest to find the most appropriate keyword or suggestions for long-tail related keywords. Even though the search volume would be less, this will help you rank faster and better.

10. Social media promotion

It is extremely important to promote your blog. And social media is definitely somewhere you could explore to do this. Make it easier for your readers by providing various social sharing options under your posts.

How about considering image-only social media like Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog? There is a higher chance your audience will notice you and visit your blog for more information.

How do you drive more traffic to your blog?

Hopefully this article will bring your blog back to life. Some strategies may or may not work for you, but why not give them a chance. The more you try these techniques, the more you will learn how to streamline to drive more traffic back to your blog.

And if you have any more suggestions which I may have missed, feel free to include them in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

About the author

Jasmine Demeester is an online marketing consultant and a writer by profession. She helps marketers and bloggers remove the obstacles in their way. Jasmine is also known in her social circles to provide the best dissertation help deal to students and academics alike.

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