How businesses succeed with effective email marketing campaigns

effective email marketing campaigns

A guest post by Rachel Summers. 

In today’s business world, effective email marketing campaigns are an important strategy for growing and developing your business.

A successful business needs to be able to connect with potential customers in order to persuade them to purchase from you instead of from a competitor.

Email marketing can help you achieve this by building relationships, causing them to search for you when they are ready to buy.

Benefits of effective email marketing campaigns

These statistics below show the benefits of effective emailing marketing campaigns.

A massive 66% of consumers will end up purchasing a product or service purely from reading an email from a brand, which alone shows how influential it can be and how many sales can be generated.

Not only that, but almost one third of customers favour receiving emails from brands rather than staying in contact through other avenues.

Include links to increase your web traffic

When you create effective email marketing campaigns, you have the ability to turn those emails into more viewers and traffic on your website.

Try to include at least one link to your website in every email that you send to your customers. This way you will increase the likelihood of getting your readers to take action by clicking on them.

Since they have shown an interest in your business and what you have to offer, it’s important to maintain the quality of these relevant links, to encourage them to click to increase your web traffic.

Test your effective email marketing campaigns

Before sending out any emails to your customers, it would be wise to test them first to make sure that they are being displayed correctly.

If your emails have any problems loading or any images or text do not show up properly, your readers are more likely to delete the email and never think about it again. Which means you are losing out on both potential traffic to your site as well as sales.

According to Blue Hornet, a massive 71.2% of people who receive emails that do not display or load correctly will simply delete it straight away.

Perfect your email marketing design

While effective email marketing campaigns have the power to turn visitors into sales, it’s definitely not as simple as throwing a bunch of words together.

The overall design of the email template can make a huge difference to whether the email is read or not. If you’re not great at design, there are many design services from companies like JV Media Design who would gladly help you out.

When someone opens your email, you have just a few seconds to make a good enough impression to keep them reading. If you fail, they will more than likely delete and move on. That’s why it’s important to know your customer and create a design that you know they are going to like.

Use email marketing to increase your sales

One of the best things to use effective email marketing campaigns for is to promote any discounts, promotional offers or new products that you are offering your customers.

With a huge 98% of people logging into their emails every single day, you would be mad to miss out on this opportunity to grab some extra traffic and sales. Especially if your new products or sales offers are for a limited time only, then you would want them to see it sooner than later.

If you ever need help in creating the perfect email, then services like UK Services Review are available to write it for you.

Email marketing needn’t be spam

No one likes to receive spam of any nature, and effective email marketing campaigns are certainly not the same as spam.

Remember your readers have chosen to sign up to receive these emails, so you know that they are interested in hearing more from you. This makes it less likely you will annoy them by sending them emails.

Plus, if they ever become uninterested in your business and what you have to offer or to say, they can simply unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Resist emailing too frequently

However, it is important to avoid emailing them too much. If they perceive they are constantly being bombarded with emails from you, they may easily unsubscribe, which means you will be losing out on potential customers and revenue.

So be aware of the amount of emails you send out. Try to limit yourself to something like a monthly newsletter – depending on your business and what your audience prefers.

And to stay up to date with all the latest news in business, use sites such as Media Times to get the necessary information. They also publish regular articles offering advice to businesses.

And what about you?

Let me know in the comments below about your experiences of effective email marketing campaigns, and how they have helped your business. I’m sure we could all benefit from your knowledge.

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