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Why your emails are going to spam and how to prevent it!

A guest post by Christeen Paul.

An email strategy can be quite a challenge. You need to take care of nurturing leads, segregating them, timing your emails, analysing CTRs, and so much more.

Emails are used by 93% of B2B marketers, showing how important email marketing as become. Since active email users hit the 5.6 billion mark in 2019, emails have evolved to become one of the most preferred modes of online communication.

Also to maintain a clean email list, marketing industries are now resorting to email cleaning software.

However, email also brings with it a liability – spam. Getting customers to subscribe online requires tempting them to stay. If your emails fail to get opened, or come across as irrelevant, they will end up going to spam, and that’s the end of it.

An average person receives hundreds of emails, so it can become pretty challenging to keep on top of it all. This is one of the primary reasons customers tend to opt-out of company emails. However, if you find a lot of your email newsletters are going to spam, we probably have the answers.

What is email spam?

Email spam is unsolicited junk email which is not relevant to the recipient. Many think they could have viruses embedded in them or are just plain irritating, and the range of reasons can vary.

However, it is crucial you should learn how email spam occurs. Organically customers themselves can dump your emails into the spam folder. It should be avoided because, in the long term, it can lead to a loss of both money and effort.

Having your emails going to spam means you risk losing a customer, and re-selling to them becomes almost an impossibility. Also if most of your emails get marked as spam, filters can unanimously mark them. It’s essential to understand your customers because relevance always leads to a higher opening rate.

Why are your emails going to spam?

There are many reasons why emails end up going to spam. These vary from poor content to lousy timing and many more in between. Customers can directly mark your emails as spam or filters can stop them from entering their inboxes. Either way, it’s always smart to be aware how to prevent your emails from not being seen as such.

We’ve listed these reasons out for you to keep it simpler and efficient to communicate your messages to the end customer:

  1. Not having a physical address in the footer. Sometimes the simplest of reasons can end up contributing to the downfall of a bulk email list. Because you don’t have a physical address at the footer of the email, customers think it may have come from a spam site. Physical addresses are proof that emails are from legitimate businesses and make it easier for customers to identify with them.

If you’re designing emails for your customers, then ensure that these have at least an address somewhere in the content for customers to identify.

  1. Not having an opt-out option. Customers prefer to have the option to opt-out of a particular mail chain, and you should take the responsibility of providing that. Not doing so can end up making quite a negative impact on the customer.

Customers like to know they are in control of the emails they receive, and if you’re unable to provide them with the necessary options, they will soon unsubscribe.

Make sure you have an opt-out button on every email that you send. Regardless of the email’s contents, having this option keeps you on the safe side.

Focus on the end user

  1. Non-responsive email designs. This is another major reason for emails going to spam. Since most emails nowadays are opened directly on mobile devices, it is important that you make your designs fit properly on a small screen. Most users will mark emails as spam if they cannot read them on their phones.

Generally, all email templates you use should be responsive. Choose a software provider which provides this option. If you want to know which ones to use, we’ve selected some on this link, so read through and choose wisely.

  1. Poorly written copy. This is also another major reason for many emails to get rejected by filters. Most spammers send emails which fail to contain sound copy. Filters can now identify which now risk being a spam email and reject them. You must take pride in your content, to delight your customers when they receive emails from your brand.

Recruit a good copywriter who can write beautiful emails from scratch. Give them guidelines which you expect from them and make sure every email is properly scrutinised before deployment.

Summarising emails going to spam

We’ve got a few more reasons why emails end up going to spam in this exhaustive list for you to go through. Once you understand these reasons, life ends up becoming so much easier, as you can design better emails and send them out to customers who will look forward to them rather than send them to the spam folder.

Make sure every email is responsive to any device, not too preachy, easy to understand, and delightful to open. A combination of all these factors will play a significant role in ensuring your emails are successfully opened and bringing in the revenue you desire.

About the author

Christeen PaulChristeen Paul is a digital marketer obsessed with organic search results. Currently working to grow SendX.

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