How to provide endless value with your blog

endless value

A collaborative post by Joseph Peake. 

Many people will tell you that blogging is a long term endeavour, and that you’re going to need endless blog topics should you keep it up in the long run.

While this is true, it isn’t just endless blog topics that you need to think about – it’s providing endless value. Providing value to your blog readers is how you’re going to keep them coming back for more each and every time.

This is how you will build a positive reputation and a loyal following. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can provide endless value with your blog.

Create content with your audience in mind

You know who your audience is, so what are they searching for right now? Always write with them in mind – don’t just write what you think will fit in with current news and trends.

If your audience are all about vintage buying, they’re probably not going to care what was spotted on the runway. They might, but keeping it niche and specific is the best way to keep your audience engaged and provide endless value.

Don’t be afraid to share your expertise

Sometimes, sharing expertise can be scary. You might worry that if you give it all away, people won’t have a reason to come back and read your blog again. You might worry that they won’t need to work with you, or even that they will steal the information and rewrite it themselves. It’s highly unlikely that these things will happen.

Sharing your expertise allows you to position yourself as an expert, and is a great way to show your audience that you know what you’re talking about while educating them. They will appreciate it, and if anything, they will come back again and again as they will see you as a valuable resource.

Answer questions left in the comments

Don’t ignore the questions left in the comments by your readers. Get involved with them and take the time to respond. After all, it’s good for your SEO and they took the time out to leave a valuable comment!

This doesn’t mean you have to give every single piece of your valuable knowledge away for free. If you’ve written a great post but people still seem to want more, maybe give them a brief idea and tell them to book a session with you if they want to know more. You need to have boundaries and respect your energy at the same time as being a resource!

Create free resources to download

Create free resources for people to download – this also allows you to get email addresses. Providing you have a reliable but cheap vps to keep everything running smoothly, this should work in your favour.

Put your own spin on current topics

How about putting a spin on current topics instead of rehashing the same old same old again and again? Is there a way you can make your audience think differently? If you are successful, this could raise your credibility as a thought-leader in your industry.

How will you provide endless value with your blog?

Let us know your thoughts about providing endless value in the comments below.

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