How to ensure quality content by bringing someone else on board

ensure quality content

This is a contribution post by Joseph Peake. 

New bloggers allow themselves to imagine their blog reaching the big time. When you’re struggling at the beginning of your blogging career, it seems a whole world away.

But if you work hard, viewer figures could soon skyrocket. This is when things get exciting. Not only will you be reaching a large audience, but you’ll also get approached by all sorts of brands looking to do business.

As good as all this sounds, it may get overwhelming before you know it. If you want to keep your audience happy, you’ll need to post more quality content. Not to mention that you’ll need to stay on top of answering comments and dealing with admin. It’s often too much for one person to handle.

It’s time to get help with your quality content

If this happens, you may find yourself needing to hire someone to help you.

This is not something many bloggers even consider when they first start out, and this may seem overwhelming. It’s a massive leap of faith. You’ve created your blog and your readership from the ground up. How can you ensure employees keep up with the same quality content?

First, it’s important to let your audience know that you’ll no longer be posting all the content which appears. If you’re honest about this, the chances are that they won’t mind. And, if the posts provided by others are in keeping with your blog as a whole, they may even enjoy the extra external input.

That is, of course, if your quality content doesn’t suffer. And, here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Help new writers get a feel for your blog

It should go without saying that new writers need to look back at past content. It’s essential they understand the subject themes and values you express.

If a new writer comes to the blog with an entirely different tone, readers will find it harder to get on board. So to make sure they fully understand the blog, check any guest or contributory posts before publishing. If they require editing, do so, as this will maintain the quality content your readers have learned to expect.

Ensure employee happiness with their writing

You may never have intended to become a boss. As a result, this could make you feel the situation has gone a little over your head.

To be honest, though, being a boss is simply about keeping employees happy. Otherwise their work will suffer.

Often this is as simple as showing interest in their lives. It may also be worth providing something like this employee assistance programme. This could certainly be a huge help in the beginning.

Your employees will be able to gain the support they need without even coming to you. It could be the best way to ensure they get what they need.

Allow some creative freedom with quality content

Allowing this will, by far, be the hardest thing of all. But, bloggers are creative people, and your employees will be no different.

If you want them to stay happy and producing quality content, you need to allow some creative freedom. Let them come up with topics and ideas. As long as they fit with your blog as a whole, there’s no reason you need to dictate what your employees are writing.

This way, you can ensure they’re passionate about what they’re doing. And as a result they will create the quality content you’re looking for.

Let us know in the comments below your experiences in using extra writers or employees to produce regular quality content for your blog.

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