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A guest post by Alexa Bliss.

Blogging in this era has become more common than ever, and people nowadays take up blogging as their professional career.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It’s pretty challenging, particularly when you are writing about something that you are not aware of.

Write engaging content to keep your audience hooked on your exciting blog. Boring content does not attract readers, who are more likely to skim read without any attention. Bloggers need to write content which easily grabs the reader’s attention, which later leads them to read the whole blog.

Is writing an exciting blog easy?

People still regard blogging as easy, without any hard work or specific qualifications. However, you cannot ignore the constant dedication required. You are supposed to give substantial time to blogging in order to keep the readers addicted to your blog.

Nevertheless, students work as bloggers as it allows them to manage this with their studies. Compared to other corporate jobs, blogging can be said to be comparatively easy for professional workers. For example, students can benefit from blogging for Nursing Assignment Help, as this platform effectively explains how to write engaging content for your blog.

Provide an attractive first sentence

Make sure the first sentence of your exciting blog is definite, catchy and concisely explains the subject.

However, you cannot ignore the fact that writing the first sentence is the hardest part. We all know taking the first step for anything is the most challenging step. But once done, everything goes smoothly later. Consider these tips for writing the first sentence of your blog.

  1. Your first sentence needs to be though-provoking, preferably in a form of a question, such as “Are you looking for Writing Assignment Services?”
  2. Use famous quotes to start your blog, such as “Writing is not a difficult job, all you need is a typewriter to write extensively”.
  3. Facts and statistics are a good way to start your blog. It shows your post is well researched and the writer knows all the relevant information.
  4. Start with a relevant and engaging story. Either write a real, concise story, or quickly make one up if you have sufficient imagination, which most writers have.

Every word and phrase counts

You are not the only person working in this industry. Remember there are millions of blogs published already, which means you have a huge amount of competition for you to cope with. This is why it’s very important to write engaging content.

Try reading out what you have written. If you find it boring, then you definitely haven’t written an exciting blog. It will need specific editing to step up the engagement factor to prevent your readers from going to sleep.

Short sentences is the key

Long sentences are a huge turn-off for your readers. Nobody likes to hold their breath for a minute to read one long sentence. If a reader has to take a sigh of relief after reading a sentence, it is too long.  Short sentences are recommended, however long sentences are OK if they are well written.

Simpler vocabulary

Nobody likes to use a dictionary while reading. It is quite irritating to come across words which are not easy to pronounce and are generally not usually used. Make sure you use simple words when writing your blog.

I would advise you to be sensible rather than trying to sound smart to convey your idea to your readers. What is the point of writing anything if your readers are unable to understand it?

For example, “utilise the resources” could be simply written as “use resources”. Reading should be easy for your readers. No matter how much you want to sound impressive or improve your reader’s vocabulary, please understand your job is not to teach them the language.

Use of analogies

Blogging and dating are very similar. While out on a date, you will want to leave a good impression on your partner. And you keep on working it rigorously to do this. Moreover, it’s important to give your partner time while you are showing how dedicated you are.

Did you get the analogy? Could you relate this to blogging? The reason why you use analogies is to make what you write more relatable.

Cultural references

The good way to keep your audience addicted to your exciting blog is to make them feel connected to you. Include relatable pop-cultural references with which your readers can associate themselves.

However, before you use references, make sure you know your audience. If you get it wrong, you could lose your audience for life.

For example, mentioning The Beatles as one of the best rock bands to an audience who prefer One Direction is probably not very suitable.

Uniqueness as well as exciting

Innovation and uniqueness sell in the market. When you go shopping you look for things which are unique and attractive.

Similarly, an exciting blog needs have to have an element of uniqueness to make your readers attracted to it.

How to conclude your exciting blog

Writing a punchy and catchy conclusion is comparatively easy, as all you have to do is to summarise everything. However, make sure you use concluding language for it to make sense.

About the author

Alexa Bliss is working for Nursing Assignments which is one of the most renowned brands in the United Kingdom. She has completed her education from Oxford University with distinction. Her addition has given the brand a boost because of her experience and enthusiasm.

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Alice Elliott writes the award winning Fairy Blog Mother blog for beginner and post-beginner bloggers to “explain things really simply” about blogging and WordPress. She provides simple, easy to understand, highly visual courses and tutorials using ordinary, everyday words. Visit her new Beginner Bloggers blog to find her latest learning resources.
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  • Amar Kumar says:

    Hey Alexa & Alice,

    Blogs are the most powerful marketing tool you can use to attract leads and new customers, as well as increase visibility in the online world.

    Some bloggers may be writing well, posting relevant and valuable content on a regular basis but they aren’t encouraging reader interaction.

    Some blogs are difficult to navigate, making it nearly impossible for readers to find important information. Some look good but they don’t have frequent or relevant posts.

    And, most important to the first-time visitor, many blogs lack critical design elements. The first essential component to a successful blog is content so here need smart-work as well as simplicity.

    In my opinion – Content marketing is the path to your customer’s heart and the key to growing your business.
    Promoting your business via content marketing requires a strategy and process to create blog posts that people actually want to read.

    You have revealed nice facts here and you know these are really practical. Eventually, thanks for exploring your informative ideas with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  • Aadarsh Roy says:

    Hey Alexa Bliss ,

    Excellent post with effective tips to write an engaging and exciting
    blog post. It is my first time commenting on your blog post and i
    must say that you have done a fabulous work and suggested great tips for writing an exciting blog post.

    Writing an exciting and engaging blog post is truly crucial in
    blogging field. Creating an exciting blog post will helps to gain
    more traffic, engage more readers and will also improve the
    ranking.We should always write contents in such a way that it can
    easily grabs the readers attention and we can easily create an
    engaging blog post if we are having proper ideas, knowledge and
    writing skills.

    For writing an exciting blogs it is important that our first
    sentence and the opening should be unique & eye-catchy. Using short sentences is really a great key. Uniqueness is also vital, whereas uniqueness is the only thing that attract readers and makes the content outstanding and different from others. Uniqueness is also an effective way to keep the user engaged and to gain popularity. It is also true that if we want to make the content exciting as well as alluring then it must be unique.

    Your all the suggested tips are effective and works well, if used
    correctly. As this post will help several people, readers and bloggers to create an exciting blog post.

    Truly informative post and thanks for sharing.

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